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Fayetteville-Manlius Senior High School Reviews

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I really enjoy how involved students can be and how there are many opportunities for us. We also have a number of assemblies about drugs, black lives matter, etc and I think that allowing kids to have a voice and have some control over the assemblies is important. I would like to see change in the aspect of allowing the student government to make changes to some of the policies and make it easier for the general population to communicate with our student government.
FMHS has a great environment that challenged me to think and grow as an individual and as a student!
Fayetteville-Manlius High School values the education of its kids, as well as the values that are incorporated in us. We hold assemblies that inform us about the harmfulness of drugs and also those that teach us about diversity. There is also an annual Dance Marathons that raises money for Camp Good Days, sending kids with cancer to a happy few days at camp. The teachers at school may be strict but nice and the students are very friendly. Everything is good other than the school food, which I think is really overpriced.
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This high school is one of the best in the area! I feel very proud to represent this school in sporting and academic events!
I went here all four years and pretty much hated it. Lots of prestigious stuck up people here with a lot of money doing a lot of drugs. I'm a black female so I was flying under the radar pretty well. Very little diversity but not the worst place on earth. The teachers play favorites and it's obvious. A couple cool people here but my counselor was terrible and always low balling me. Office staff was predjudice. Glad to be graduated.
I liked the diversity at this high school, but all of the students are very cutthroat. There is also a plethora of clubs that are offered here and the courses are good. Some teachers have bias towards students but that is too be expected.
I've been in the Fayetteville-Manlius school district since my first day of Kindergarten. The district is often very highly regarded, but many issues are often not mentioned. For example, up to grade 8, the educators are often a mixed bag at best, and downright awful at worst. Being in a wealthy district, students also have the money to purchase illegal drugs, leading to a problem at the high school. High School at FM, however, is mostly a very positive experience, and one that I wouldn't trade for any other high school experience in the nation. Grades 9-12 are fantastic, and I'd highly recommend the high school.

Special education students, however, often don't have the same experience. I can personally attest that I have seen special ed. students treated unfairly and verbally abused. Though there are some fantastic people in FM's special ed. system, it's one to be cautious of.
I love the friendly environment, however during my junior year of high school here, we had two deaths in my grade, both due to drug overdoses. The principal still refuses to get a drug counselor due to the fact that it would give the school a bad reputation. The school will only receive a bad reputation due to two adolescents dying under the principal.
The teachers and their commitment to their students are by far the best things about Fayetteville-Manlius High School. The teachers also have a fantastic way of preparing students for college.
Fayetteville Manlius has been, in my personal opinion, the best school district to attend in all of central New York. Not only do the students come out very prepared for both the immediate business work, and college, but the schools name is renown throughout a very wide region of New York. The staff is very well trained and professional, and the curriculum is among the best in the nation. The schools recourses and dedication to the students is shown in the competence of the guidance counselors as well as the sheer number of after school activities it offers. I would certainly recommend this school district to anyone who is considering the schools in the area. They will work hard to take care of either you or your child.
The academics here are excellent. However, the student environment is not necessarily the most friendly.
For a school in my area, FM has sufficient security through an on-site resource officer, automat locking doors, visitor sign in, and a copious amount of security cameras.
There are dozens of clubs and activities to choose from that cater to any interest. It's pretty easy for a student to create a club and the teacher advisors are usually very helpful.
FM affords many scholastic, athletic, and art opportunities that many other schools in the area do not, creating more well rounded and diverse students.
Most teachers do everything they can to create engaging lessons that cater to many learning styles. However, there are some that are stead fast in their techniques and are unwilling to adapt or adjust to better fit the class.
Most students are white and most of the district is wealthy but there is some diversity economically and ethnically.
School district has implemented new security systems since a robbery a few years ago and we have also had a police officer working in the school for many years. The school is very secure at all times and a safe place for students.
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There are many clubs to choose from and you can always make a new club if desired. There are fun events planned throughout the year from the clubs too that anyone can attend.
School spirit is pretty good with high attendance for big sports teams and music concerts as well. Parents push their kids to exceed in every way.
All the teachers seem to love what they do and try to engage the students as much as possible.
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