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Fayetteville High School Reviews

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I have been at Fayetteville High School since Kindergarten. I have loved every second of my time there.
Small school, small community, very personable. I would love to have more opportunities for work/ volunteer to help my community. Better communication/ counciling on available college opportunities in my state. A better work study program. Offer after school tutoring.
Since Fayetteville is a K-12 school, it feels like we’re a big family. We’re also a small school, so we all know each other. Fayetteville encourages students to be their best in everything they do, and they help us become our best.
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Fayetteville is an amazing school. The administration and teachers care for their students. It is a great area to be in and it has very nice facilities. I love it.
I’ve been going to Fayetteville since the 1st grade I love it. It’s a small school and that’s what’s great about it because teachers help you better and everyone knows each other but it can be bad because there all in your business. Another thing that could change would be dress code kids get tired of wearing khakis and collar shirts. The lunch really could be better we use to get millions sweet tea and normal bread besides wheat it was amazing but now it just isn’t good at it use to be.
At Fayetteville High School, everyone is very welcoming. This is my first year here, as a senior, and my experience has been great! The teachers and staff are dedicated to our success as young men and women. I wish I could have went here all of my high school career!
I enjoyed the teachers-to-student ratio. I was able to have more one-on-one time with my teachers. The student body is as friendly as you would expect for a 2A school. Overall not bad, but it does have a few downsides such as less opportunities available than bigger schools.
Fayetteville is a small 2A k-12 facility, proving that our teachers and students at school are very determined. Our students are allowed very strict one-on-one if needed, allowing the students to thrive. I am very pleased with our small school.
I was able to attend Fayetteville High School from Kindergarten all the way through 12th grade and I loved it. The teachers are always friendly and engaging with the students, the course material is always taught thoroughly at a level of understanding, and the campus is just great. Most of everyone knows each other at Fayetteville, which makes a terrific environment for students to get along. The football field is cared for by Pursell Farms, which makes it look fantastic. I never had a problem there at FHS, and it was very rare that anyone else did.
Studeents feel safe, because the community is friendly.
Extracurriculars at school help students to be outgoing.
Fayetteville High School creates a happy environment.
Teachers at Fayetteville High School go above and beyond to ensure their students have fun, while learning.
Some of the teachers are national certified. Many are extremely skillful.
We have never had any issue.
This school is limited only by its funding. It is the center of the community, and its activities and academic excellence drive the growth of this community. It feels like a small town school, but there is much pride. There is a cooperative relationship and partnerships with area business which has allowed the school to be attractively landscaped and to offer golf and fishing activities. The school should add tennis and a good track to round out its offerings and to be competitive with larger schools. There is a cooperative relationship with area community colleges and state universities which benefits the students. This school is unique and a treasure in this state.
It was very good with only a few negatives.
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I love my school. We are all like family here. The teachers and students are wonderful.
Our school family is very supportive to the players. It doesn't matter what sport it is there is always support.
I think that our school is safe now that we have all doors locked and a new door that allows the office to open only when people sign in.
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