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Fayetteville High School Reviews

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My experience at Fayetteville High School was unforgettable. I never thought I would transfer to a public school, but I am glad that I did. I used to go to a Catholic school and experiencing the public school system is incredible.
I like the close knit diversity the school offers. There's a feeling of the close on it community that engulfs the school and supports the children.

The teachers are hands on. Although , I do feel that there could be some improvements. However, the school is closing after this year.
The children were very accepting of my son when he transferred in and I think that shows a lot about the culture of the area.
Overall, this school has been a wonderful assett to the community and the people and it will be sad to see it close.
The sports programs are of top notch and the school has gone to multiple state tournaments over the years.
Once I transferred to this school, I was able to finally begin looking forward to attending school each day! There were a smaller amount of students, the teachers were all very friendly and helpful, the food was great, the office staff and academic counselors were always able to provide additional resources that students may want or need. The restrooms, auditorium, lobby, classrooms, hallways, and gym/cafeteria were all kept immaculately clean. The instructors I had would actually teach lessons daily. I absolutely adore Fayetteville High and wish I would have transferred sooner! I think that if I would have transferred my freshman year, instead of my senior year, that I would have been able to have a much better educational experience, and I probably would not be as far behind academically as I am now.
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It was an ok school. Definitely not the greatest. Teachers are okay some are better than others. The food is absolutely without a doubt disgusting. Everything is always burnt or undercooked. There would be gobs of hair and unidentifiable items.
Absolutely awful school with little funding and even less concern for their students. Needs serious change. I had no idea what I was doing when I got into college.
The faculty at Fayetteville High School is great. I haven't really had any bad experiences with any teacher. My biggest complaint, however, are the students. This is an issue that can't be helped though.
It's a small school that's short on money and behind on academics. They focus more on sports than they do on academics and they don't really focus on the learning of students. The building is nice and most of the faculty are kind so it's not a bad school but it's definitely not a great school either.
I personally enjoyed Fayetteville High School because of the size. I moved to West Virginia at the start of high school from a middle school that had 1500 kids in just two grades. The academics could have been better because in high school I made a 4.0 easily. In college I can barely keep a 3.0 and I study constantly.
My experience at fayetteville was great. From administrators, teachers,coaches and students it was like a big family which made me really want to go to schooland learn.
I have attended this school for six years and i have to say that school is really good overall. It is small and doesnt have much to offer but this school treats you like family. Teachers and faulty are friendly and teachs the students well. The students are polite and are well mannered and are very welcoming to new and foriegn students. I would recomend students to this school.
I transferred to Fayetteville High School at the beginning of my 7th grade year. At first, as any young student would be, I was nervous, but to my surprise the staff and students were kind & helpful, guiding me from class to class and learning where each of my classes would be. My school principal even lets our music teacher, Mrs. Messenger, let her choir, theater, & band students perform to the entire school during our Christmas & spring concert, which is a privlege. My teachers are great, and I couldn't ask for much better instructors. I love my school!
Overall I think that Fayetteville High School is an okay atmosphere. I feel like the structure, food, discipline, and administrators and a lot of other things could use improvement. One thing I'm sure of is that the parent and community involvement is outstanding. Anything that the school or sports teams need is donated by parents, we have parades for the teams, we do community bonfires, and much more. I enjoyed this year at Fayetteville, and I would recommend it to anyone.
In my experience at Fayetteville High, I have made a lot of friends and a lot of memories. I would change a few things, though. I would approve better academics and food for lunch,
possibly unhealthy due to being dirty
not much is offered no support from administration
terrible county Board of Education, bad teachers
The extracurricular activities usually don't get the funding they need, like the music program.
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The school is very unorganized.
The teachers aren't engaging as they should be, and the majority just don't care whether the students succeed. To them it's just a paycheck.
The teachers at Fayetteville High School put all they have into their jobs. They go above and beyond the bare minimum. They are simply fantastic.
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