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I like that FHS is a smaller school and that the students get more one on one attention. At FHS, it does not matter who your parents, grandparents, or any one is, all students are accepted and treated the same. I am very glad that FHS came about and that my children did not have to go to county schools.
I love Fayetteville High School! Because of the many opportunities I have received through this school, I feel prepared for not only college but my career afterwards.
Fayetteville High School offers a variety of class choices for a Division 1 school. Students are friendly and are interested in helping their community. Our teachers work one on one with students coming in as early as 6:30 am each day and often work with students during breaks and planning periods.
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If needed, there are nurses and others who are willing to help and injured or sick child, including hospital care. They will also contact the parent to get permission before taking the child anywhere.
i love this school and glad to be considered a Fayetteville City Tiger. They have a great education and offer variety of academics.
It offers more classes that i like to take opposed to other schools
I would enojoy to have more hands on projects. The teachers are very well in mkaing sure you unerstand the lesson.
Feel safe attending and confident in staff.
Trying to add this year a chess club, medical club, and drama in the future.
It's unique in that it is small but growing bigger everyday, plus everyone knows in a smaller environment everyone knows about everything. The smaller classes were nice in the beginning because of more personal learning environment. Boys athletics pretty good, girl athletics not so much. I would not choose this school again due to some of the social issues that many portray and lack of maturity from a few athletic coaches to do what is right.
You may get 30 point curve one day and then the next day you miss 1 and fail this drives you crazy, also decoding of notes threw everywhere on a board like a professor, good luck in finding the answer to an example. Most of them show a love in their subject and are very knowledgeable in their field but usually students to respond better to your more down to earth organized teachers not a rocket scientist.
Our guidance counselors are some of the best out there. They really go the extra mile to try and get every student to their dream school, and try to find them an area of study.
It's great for the most part.
With new health rule we have to follow them.
Academics are big here you will be forced to work.
We have a very open atmosphere.
Clubs are advertised but the numbers are small.
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I love my school because of the friendly environment
Our principals get their message across.
The teaching styles are very diverse. In a good way
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