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The teachers overall are amazing, but the administration does not care about the students. I have never felt like the administration has cared about my future, luckily the teachers are helpful. I would change the administration because instead of helping the students, they prefer to have scandals.
Good elective and AP class choices. Most teachers are good and helpful. Sports are high priority. Administration can be frustrating to deal with at times, but college counselor is helpful.
I liked the multitude of unique opportunities that Fayetteville High School East provided for me. The entire campus is modern, clean, and a great learning environment that I feel safe in. Most of the teachers at FHS are good teachers that help each and every student learn to the best of their abilities. There is a large diversity of students throughout the school which eliminates most segregation. I would like to see changes at FHS that relate to drugs and alcohol. There is a small drug problem that I saw occur at the school and in my classrooms, which takes a toll on other students learning time. My four years at Fayetteville High School overall was a pleasant and successful experience.
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This school had severe changes with management principals during my time here. I enjoyed the teachers and staff, but due to the many changes the new principal made, it made loving the school hard. Traditions are something that keeps a school together, but this school took them away and left gray walls for us to look up to.
The teachers and staff at FHS are the best in the state by far! I moved from South Carolina, and the teachers at FHS are outstanding compared to those in South Carolina! The diversity at Fayetteville High School is also amazing as there are various clubs like the Word Language Club, Educators Rising club for future teachers, and more so students can see what they want to do after high school. Also, the AP classes offered at FHS are great along with the teachers that teach the classes. I can’t brag enough about the teachers and staff at FHS- they are life changers and I am proud to be attending such a prestigious and well-rounded school!
FHS was a great experience. They offer a large amount of career path classes, AP classes and college credit classes. The academics is outstanding and the sports teams are often best in the state.
The school spent too much money on design, leading to poor infrastructure and bad lunches. It focuses too heavily on sports and not enough on art, and there are daily fights. They are huge on attendance despite the fact that most seniors only need to be there for two classes. It overall needs work, but it is great at offering AP classes for college readiness.
The most important aspect of a public school is an accepting student body, and Fayetteville High school excels in this. This is proved to be true with 4/5 of the homecoming court being people of color, and the LGBT kids being cheered on at talent shows. FHS accepts everyone no matter who they are.
Fayetteville High School, located in Fayetteville, AR, is a great school to attend! They offer many college class courses to get a jumpstart on your college career, which is important to me. They have recently added Virtal classes that are available to take. I take many PRE- AP and AP classes. I think it is important to get ahead as early on as possible. FHS provides the opportunity for that. There are many options for clubs and Sports as well. I am on the Fayetteville High School baseball team. I enjoy being a part of the Bulldog Baseball program. It allows me to have a good balance between academics and athletics. The only thing that could use some improvement at our school is the lunch menu. Other than that, Fayetteville High School is a privilege to attend.
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I liked the evnironment of this High School. It was an environment that felt like a college environment with the interactions between peers and teachers.
The atmosphere and environment that Fayetteville High School creates is amazing. I was on the Varsity cheer leading team all 3 years at my school and it helped me show support and love for the students and staff at my school. FHS is a big school, but it creates an "at home feeling" that I'm going to miss once I graduate. I loved cheering for the sports and academics and I feel like it brought me closer to the school and the students and staff around me. FHS made my high school experience unforgettable.
I enjoy going to school there, I would change the amount of power the teachers have and the phone policy.
Fayetteville High School has given me a pretty good experience for my high school career. I have been involved in many different activities as a student, and each has been fun to participate in and very enjoyable. The drama department is incredible, and has many resources. The sports here are welcoming and the coaches are great. There are always a need for improvement in different ares, but there is that in every school. Overall I am glad I went to Fayetteville High School.
Fayetteville High School is an experience I will never forget. Between all the clubs offered, rowdy sports game, and large class selection, I was able to truly find out who I am and I was able to use that create long lasting friendships with many faculty and students. But because Fayetteville High School is so large it creates many issues with parking, keeping the general student body under control and truly giving students everything they want.
I think there needs to be more room for current students and for the school to grow in the future. I loved going to school here, but was always frustrated by the cramped/shared classrooms and the unfair funding. I was a member of the school's literary magazine, which raised money for itself, and I was a fixture of the school's library which should have been bigger and had more than three staff at once. Prioritizing sports over academic pathways is something that needs to be fixed.
As long as your taking the higher level classes you will feel prepared for college academics wise. There are lots of clubs and electives to choose from too. Where the school lacks is organization; it’s a big place and so students have to seek out help when needed.
Fayetteville High School, like all high schools, had it's good and it's bad. One good was that it was very new, which meant the facilities and classrooms had a lot to provide to students. Things from new computers, books, tables, etc. I think a lot of people took advantage of that, but it is something I would immediately notice if I were a visitor. On the downside, the school had some rules that, while I understand their purpose, don't seem necessary. For example, off campus lunch had been allowed for years. Yet, after the new building was finished, they stopped allowing that and reported anyone caught leaving. They also cut how much time students had to lunch, almost in half. That time was used for more than just eating. It was an opportunity to go talk to professors and catch up on work. But the lunches were so restricted, even if you had the time, they wouldn't allow you to leave your part of the building.
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Most of the teachers I had were very sweet and all of the buildings on the campus are very nice. I enjoyed going to high school here, though the administration was mediocre sometimes, it was still a good experience.
I’m a new student at this school and it’s been an interesting learning curve. The school is pretty big and there is a ton of walking around which I think is pretty cool. The teachers overall are nice and good at their jobs and the students are easy to get along with. So far I really enjoy this school.
So many things were great but so many things were in such need of change! I was totally involved in every aspect of education and sports but to those students that chose a different path it could be over whelming and lonely! I saw so many students eating alone at lunch. I even found myself alone a lot of the time! This needs inprovement. Every student needs a place where they too can connect. Especially in a school so large!
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