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Fayetteville Christian school provides a stellar education. I came to this school my sophomore year and I have loved it ever since.
Fayetteville Christians School is unique due to the fact that it is small enough to feel like a family. I am proud to be able to say that I know the name of every single person that will be graduating with me come May 2019. Most seniors don’t have the privilege to know the names of all 500+ other students that are graduating with them.

However, just like with your family, everybody knows everything that’s going on within the school. If you happen to embarrass yourself then it’s a pretty solid guarantee that the majority of your grade either saw it or heard about it.

Although the word can spread really fast and really easily in a small school, FCS students and staff are very good at singling a person out and making the embarrassment feeling/rumors go away fast. The school has compassionate people in it that really try to help other people out and make them feel better. I dont think that i would every trade my experience at Fayetteville Christian School for the world.
Fayetteville Christian is a great school to enroll in if you're looking for the following; family oriented, high level of academic achievements, small setting, christian based school. Fayetteville Christian is a school full of love, encouragement, and blessings.
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I love FCS! It is a great school with great teachers ! I would not want my kids to attend anywhere else.
Fayetteville Christian is a great school. Being a private school, it's a big transition from public school but the level of academics and the food is way better. The rules are different but you get the hang of it after a while. It not only prepares you for college but it prepares you for life in the real world as a young adult and as a Christian.
The way the school welcomes you in when you first come to the school is amazing. They hold you to a high standard in order to see you become the best version of yourself. The school work is challenging, depending on what you are taking, but it is not overwhelming.
Fayetteville Christian school is one of the best schools in Fayetteville, NC. The students are well behaved, the teachers are always willing to help students achieve their full potential, and the administration/faculty are all very kind and loving people.
My child attended FCS until we moved from the area. If you are not a basic, run of the mill, interested in sports kind of child, you are frowned upon. There is a culture of favoritism for staff's children or and staff's friends children. Christianity is what they preach, not necessarily what they practice. If you are not the go along to get along type of family, this is not the place for you.
In my years at FCS it has been a blessing to be able to be part of something that really matters. The teachers there are excellent and are really caring. With all honesty I really would change anything at all. It’s that good a school.
This school really help me to prepare for the things I needed to do when I went off to college. The teachers are absolutely great and work with you and are there for you whether you need pray or a hug or even help with work.
My experience here was great. The teachers treated me with kindness but they had a strict tone. They made sure the students was well taught an ready to move on to the next course.
Fayetteville Christian is a wonderful environment with a strong academic program. The program produces top graduates who attend top colleges. Teachers are engaged in helping students become stronger in their relationship with the Lord
I have been a part of this school for 12 years. I would not want my kids to go anywhere else. I know they are being prepared for college and the ability to go out into a world and try to change it for the better!
Fayetteville Christian School is a very rigorous and challenging school. I almost sure where Niche is getting its data with the rankings as Fayetteville Christian has students who attend top level colleges and universities.
This school is bursting with love for Jesus! It has a welcoming atmosphere and a staff that loves the Lord and takes pride in educating children. It is a great place to be.
We came to this school when my children were in 1st grade, and they stayed until they graduated. What drew us was the warm, family atmosphere that we encountered from the first day we walked through the doors.
Fayetteville Christian School has been an amazing experience for my children and our family. The teachers are very friendly, and they put Christ first in everything they do. They meet the needs of each student as an individual. They offer various programs to meet students at different levels of their academics.
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This school has a wonderful atmosphere and offers students more than just an education. While in the classroom you will find that the students learn the necessary academic subjects, as well as character and useful life lessons. The teachers and staff are prayer warriors and go above and beyond for the students, as well as each other.
My son loves school for the first time. I will be enrolling my other 2 children here next year. I love the Christian environment. You can tell that the teachers love and care about your kids.
I absolutely love this school. My kids have grown so much not only in faith but also in academics. I not only have the privilege for my kids to go here but also be a teacher in a school that is "real".
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