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One of the best decisions I could have made for my daughter. Administration in the lower school has been amazing along with Mr. Q.
Fayetteville Academy has been an incredible place for our children. We are thrilled to have made this decision, and our children are growing and thriving in ways we never imagined. The faculty is incredible and our children are not only receiving an amazing education, but are exposed to an array of clubs, arts, and sports.
My son attended Fayetteville Academy from grades 6-12. Within a year and a half his mastery of english, vocabulary and math, shifted from just passing to excelling. The teachers, faculty and staff take pride and are personally invested in what they do, creating an environment for students to excel in.
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As an educator, it was important for me to find a school that fit the needs of my students at an early age. My student have been attending FA since PreK and it is the best decision I ever could have made for education. The class sizes are small; the teachers are very experienced and nurturing; the students receive education in arts, academics and athletics; the school nurtures a family atmosphere. My kids will graduate from FA and it is an investment I'll never regret.
What an excellent school!! My daughter was a student there in the early 80’s and now I teach part time there. I can see it from two sides, as a parent and teacher. Instruction is excellent and students are encouraged in every way to reach their potential. Class size are small so each student receives the opportunity for individual attention. I highly recommend Fayetteville Academy for any age child from PreK-12grade.
Great school. Teachers are attentive to my child’s needs. Small classroom size. Love the technology the school has to offer. Middle/upper SmartLab will be extended to Pk-5th grade! One of the fewest schools to have a full1time nurse.
Fayetteville Academy provides the best college preparatory environment in the Fayetteville area. We were looking for an independent, non-sectarian school, and FA is the only option in the area. Students are challenged and supported. We are very pleased!
My daughter graduated from Fayetteville Academy incredibly well prepared for college. Because of its academic rigor, she had already learned the time management and study skills she needed for success in advanced classes. The small class size and truly excellent teachers made for an ideal learning environment.
The school is a wonderful place to work.The small class size are wonderful. The students are wonderful
F.A. is a great place to work! The teachers and coaches truly care about their students and about each other.
These are excellent teachers who are allowed to teach in the ways that educate their students in the best ways possible. Too rare in schools today.
This the best environment I have ever taught in. It is a tight knit community and it is like having a large family. I love being able to watch my students grow into amazing young adults as they prepare to go out in the world. The other faculty and staff are amazing to work with and we all want what is best for the students.
This is our 2nd year at Fayetteville Academy. My daughter is in the 2nd grade, and we love the family atmosphere and how welcoming everyone has been. They have small class sizes, and offer arts, foreign language, music, theater, sports, as well as a sate-of-the-art STEAM SmartLab.
Great school with a small class sizes. All of us were extremely close in my grade and we all have friends across the grade levels. The class schedules can be tendered to fit the degree of difficulty the student desires, so everyone can be challenged and succeed. Growing arts program and a strong athletics program offers a multitude of year round extra curricular activities as well as many clubs for all grade levels. Vending machines and food from New Deli provides food throughout the day. Security is already well developed and still being expanded. Gyms and weight room allow athletes to work out on campus for practices.
Fayetteville Academy is a rigorous school but I feel it has prepared me college. Fayetteville Academy makes everyone feel like family.
Hi my names Ann and im 32 years old and i want to become a substitute teacher for elementary school.
I loved Fayetteville Academy. I was part of the girls varsity soccer team and enjoyed every second at that school.
I came here when I was in 7th grade. At the time it was very welcoming and also very challenging since I have moved from a public to a private setting. I am now in 12th grade and sadly we have and are losing great teachers who have made this school amazing. As of now, I feel prepared for college but I know the underclassmen missed on many great teachers that I was able to have when I was younger. I was able to participate in many sports and clubs. I came very involved in the schools community. The students here are nice but also cliquey and can sometimes be mean. Being a small school we are shielded by many things public school kids are shown to everyday.
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Teachers and students are very friendly, and the school has a very good exchanged student program. Sports at the school is also very good. Our soccer team won the state championship last season.
The Fayetteville Academy is most likely the best education you can receive around the Fayetteville, NC area. The class size is very small, which allows for high engagement among all students and direct communication between students and teachers. Most students get along very well and friends are easily made. All classes are very rigorous, which prepares students very well for college. Many students are involved in sports, and, as the school is very small, it is easier to participate on the school teams.
College Predatory is approached differently from other schools. Fayetteville Academy actually structures most of it's middle and upper school systems just like a college or university would. This school has a long tradition of placing it's graduates in the schools that they select. The small class size is ideal for the student in that he/she will be well developed according to the strengths that they are recognized. The weaknesses aren't ignored, but they are accepted and a more focused plan for college and life can begin knowing these factors. As a parent of 2 children who began their academics in the public school system, I can attest to the developmental opportunities that were missed by my children due to delaying the placement into Fayetteville Academy, and would encourage other parents interested in educating their kids to visit and identify why the Fayetteville Academy has such successful graduates.