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Fayette Ware Comprehensive High School Reviews

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I recently moved from Arkansas to Tennessee and I was not thrilled to find out that I would be attending Fayette Ware. The school itself is an average-loking high school with average classrooms. The classes offered are not very academically challenging but the dual enrollment options help raise academic appeal tremendously. The food from the cafeteria tastes like, well, food from a high school cafeteria, if you know what I mean; the vending machines are always stocked with snacks. Overall, Fayette Ware is an average high school with average problems but not as bad as it could be.
I feel that they could change the lunches a little bit and let students leave campus and return if they don’t like what the school is providing for them!
Fayette Ware Comprehensive High School will be one of the best schools to go to. They have wonderful staff members and actually cares about students and feelings and educations. The school is not a private school this is a type of school that let each student voice be heard no matter race you are. Fayette Ware Comprehensive High school have been known for the best sports and etc. Becoming a wildcat would and could be the best decision anyone has ever made. Once a wildcat, will always be a wildcat we will never turn back.
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Fayette Ware is a small high school in rural Fayette County TN. I love the small town feel that we are all family. Fayette Ware offers us a variety of career choices from Vo-Tech to College.
I graduated from Fayette-Ware in 2017.In my senior year, we had a guidance counselor,Mrs. McGuire really push use to be the best in everything we did. Mrs.McGuire encourage us to study hard for the ACT TEST, senior projects,final exams and other assignments. The teachers that worked with her, made a difference. There are not a lot of teachers will to work or teach the students. The administration could be stronger. The food is not good and the building is very old and not in good shape. They need to build a new high school. Fayette-Ware needs an upgrade in every aspect there is.
My experience at Fayette ware was overall satisfying... I think they should offer more vocational programs for students who are looking to get more experience throughout their future careers. The sports have been improving over the last few years which will offfer more students scholarships and improve atheletic ability. One issue is the administration, each year there is always somebody new and that doesn’t set very well with students having to adapt to new rules and consequences.
The 12th guidance counselor ,Mrs McGuire is the best thing that could have come to that school! McGuire is very caring and nurturing. She has the students best interest at heart. McGuire is a mature ,professional and well qualified employee! I thank GOD my daughter got a chance to have her four years in a row!
If you are thinking about coming to this school, well don't it's not that great or clean. I personally had no choice in what school I could go to, but my experience here was not the best, and it's not just the students it's the teachers, during my 11th I had two nasty and rude teachers one of them being Mrs.Matt. , my English teacher, On several occasions she has talk to me in a rude way and even helped another student put me down twice, I guess she thought I didn't see her make her faces and agree with the other student, but I know karma will soon come her way. And she didn't even teach 1st sem. basic English and The Crucibles (the play) and 2 book reports. 2nd a project ,that she tried to over- exaggerate and make hard, and reviewing for the EOC along with a story with RACIAL SLURS, called of mice and men. The only thing I learn from her was too never expect someone to help you or be nice to you. Theres about one good teachers per grade.
I've enjoyed my time at Fayette Ware , they have good caring teachers and staff. Guidance Counselor's and Principal that keeps parents knowledgeable about Up coming events and scholarships. I would like for them to find a good band teacher and continue the Wilcat Pride of winning trophies again.
Fayette-Ware was a great experience for me. The school taught me that nothing comes easy. I love how the teachers actually care about the students education at not just about a check. I would like to see Fayette-Ware get more up-to-date things. Fayette-Ware is a overall great school.
My experience was okay. The most important thing I would like to see change is the way education is taught. The teachers there I feel like they give up. Or maybe its the lack of students who are interested in the lesson. Some of the teachers felt like the students don't care so why should I. The good part about it was that they have good teachers who make learning fun where you can actually retain the information.
Hello, My overall experience was very well appreciated. I had the opportunity to gain much knowledge, many skills, and somewhat a lot of experience on several things that we did hands on. I like how everything was well organized and set up in a professional way in order for me to complete my years there. There wasn't a lot that I really would want to change everything was well in tact. A wonderful experience I must say for myself.
My experience at fayette ware comprehensive high school as surely been a fun and learning one. I have learned so much relating to academics and life lessons that will be useful to me now and in the future. Teachers and staff at Fayette ware care about their students and love to see us succeed. They do all they can and more to help us reach our goals and won't stop till all of us are successful. The students care about their performance in class and are in friendly competition with each other. It is truly a fun experience everyday at this school.
Teachers at my school are really great talking to. They let us have one on one stations with them.
The school had the worst security system, there were very seldom searches done, and students were free to do whatever.
The school had average extracurricular activities, but they could have been so much better.
Fayette Ware lacked the resources to advance the students' learning.
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The overall quality of the teachers was very poor; however, there was a handful of teachers who genuinely cared about the students.
I attend my school because I have to. We only have one high school here in the small town of Fayette County. My school is not the cleanest or brightest. If I could have transferred I would have a very long time ago. I am not trying to bash my school, but there are times when we have fun. My most favorite experience while I have been at FWCHS occurred a couple weeks ago. Our boys varsity basketball team made it to the state championship in Murfreesboro, TN. They made history! I have never seen Fayette County, the student body, and staff come together the way they did during this lovely time. It was awesome!
The teachers at my school are not bad teachers and they are not all that awesome either. We have some who are nice and care about their students, but we also have some that are just cruel! Help is provided when asked. If you are failing, you are on your way unless you ask. Our school does not provide summer school, but we do have credit recovery.
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