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My child's experience at Fayette has been wonderful. She's thrived socially, emotionally, and academically. This school incorporates lots of play and movement -- brain gym, ball bouncing, mindfulness, walking, running, outdoor play -- which is strongly supported in current research as being critical to learning. Yet, it's difficult to find a school that provides adequate time for movement/exercise. Academics at Fayette are comprehensive and thorough. Work is individualized to a child's needs and abilities (imagine your child getting the instruction they need at the level they need it without hiring a tutor or putting in a lot of work outside of school -- it's great!) The staff and community of parents are lovely beyond words. The environment is small enough for each child to be seen, heard, and connected with those around them.
Finally found this gem in Santa Fe for my third son. This is education as it should be, with an eye to the individual learner. This program is based in a strong academic curriculum with high expectations for the students. As expectations are consistent, the students step into line and thrive through the support and attention from the teachers. My son started mid-way through the year and the change in him was remarkable within a couple months. He is a completely different student now, 2 1/2 years later--quick, confident, strong.
Weekly packets work and aftercare provides help with homework. Lots of walking to and from the park and local activities. Rope climbing in the tree is wonderful. My child feels safe, inspired, confident and loved.
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um it sucks don't send ur kid here unless you want a crying tattle tale. one of the worst experiences i spent 7 years here. also they put 12 year olds of putting ropes in a 60ft tree and force you to climb i know :)
Fayette has offered excellent social, academic and creative learning, with an appreciation of mind/body balance and a beautiful set of traditions and rituals which strengthen community and a sense of belonging. The teachers are committed, caring, bright and supportive. Our child has been appropriately challenged and recognized as an individual learner while being held to group expectations. We enjoy the four day week.
There are not many extracurriculars at Fayette but many activities usually considered to be extracurricular are explored during school hours in a group setting. Such as art and music.
I had a an excellent experience at Fayette St Academy both personally and academically. Because of the small size I was able to get a level of personal attention and assistance that I would have been unable to get at another school. I also learned an immense amount academically due to Fayette's ability to meet an individual students needs in any area and in either direction. I was able to progress far past my grade level in math but was also able to get the personal help I needed with languages.
The teachers at Fayette are very committed to their work and devoted to their students. They excel at encouraging the natural curiosities and talents of their students as well as meeting any special needs that they might have.
Unsafe ropes course on old tree. No helmets worn, old ropes used. Children are shamed if they don't want to climb in it, and sometimes not allowed down until they've gone higher than they want to. No one ever answers the phone, so impossible to get a hold of anyone short of going to the campus. My child was told to call home and tell me he had to leave for weird nonsensical reasons, and left on the curb to wait for me without an adult ever communicating with me. This happened twice, even after I made it clear it was not acceptable. Emotional environment very unsafe, with public shaming a frequent feature.
Tuition was a total waste of my money. My child was treated with such disrespect, it is almost inconceivable that this school still exists and has any reputation at all.
Inconsistent, shaming, belittling, unfair treatment is the norm. No one can flourish in an environment like this.
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