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Fayette Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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only a spring play and a couple sports
Good Christian atmosphere. However favoritism and disorganization is an issue.
Certain student get "helps" on tests, homework, and quizzes this is very discouraging to students who try their hardest just to have someone get a better grade cause they get hints and help and choices on absolutely EVERYTHING.
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My favorite experiences were going to the grand canyon for basketball, becoming a part of the softball team, and FFA. I go to a small school and we are so close that is what makes my school unique. I would not choose this school because It is small and we do not have a lot of sports.
I always felt safe with my school because of the strong principal and the strong Guidance councilor. They made me as if Fayette was the safest place on earth. They did a good job and I was never scared at my school
Our schools lunches were great, I was rarely disappointed when it came down to lunch. They a menu come out every month and usually they had good options and usually they were delicious. The best days were the Pizza Bob days, or what other people call them, the pizza filled bread stick. They were great, but if you did not want the main food, you could get a giant salad and they were really good as well.
Our school had rarely any troublemakers, but most people knew who were the troublemakers. But there was really nothing bad about our school and the principal knew how to deal with the students very well and with maturity. Our principal was a very relaxed person, but if they made him very angry, he would give them some sort of punishment. But it was a fair punishment.
My high school really did not have that many people and we did not have sports like football, soccer, swimming or hockey. But the most spirited sports we had were Cross Country, Basketball, and Track. Basketball, however, is the most popular. We usually are pretty good in Basketball going to sectionals, districts and regionals almost every year for the past seven years. We have great spirit. The student section, also known as the Hype Squad, is loud, crazy and very spirited about their team. We laugh, cry and freak out with the players. We get into the game and the players love it.
Our teaching staff was very good. They knew what they were doing and knew their subject very well. Not only were they smart, but they were very helpful, no matter what. You could go up to them and they would help you with what you needed and it was great. Plus they got to know you and they knew who you were and I like that closeness of the teacher and the student.
I was involved in many clubs in my high school career. And I had a lot of fun and I took a lot of leadership positions my senior year. I was Spanish Club President, National Honor Society Vice President, Vice President of my class, Student Council member and I also did Band, Choir and Track. I was very involved in all these, but my favorite was Student Council because we hosted Homecoming and Relay for Life at our school. Homecoming was always fun and we always had a good time setting up and the dance was always fun. We started to host a Relay for Life battle of the classes my freshmen year and it was a great competition between the classes where the student council put together a series of events that would win points to see who would win it all.
My high school defiantly made me feel prepared for college. I went there for my whole school career and the teachers helped me learn what I needed to be in college. One teacher in particular made us all feel what college was going to be like. And it really helped me. I knew what to expect when I came to college: a lot of studying, a lot of writing and a lot of exams. I felt prepared enough to go to college and now I am learning so much more.
Teachers are very reliable if you have a question they are willing to answer it to their best potential.
The Administrations support of extracurricular activities are very good they always make sure that they come to games and support the student athletes.
The school spirit is aswome students are very supportive of the athletes they keep them up and keep their spirits high.
The school is unique because it is so small the teachers are willing to come in early and stay after to help the students out.
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