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Most of the teachers are there to teach you and to respect your feelings and if you are struggling. They will listen to your issues and will try to help you fix it.
It is a small class and most of us are very close and do things together. Even the custodial and bus drivers and kitchen staff are all friendly and will take time if they see that you don't seem yourself. Most teachers want the students to succeed and enter the colleges they are shooting for. Some have other ideas of how they will treat the students-it seems like they are there just because it is a job but I feel like it is more than that!
As A social experience I did not enjoy my time at Fayette high school, and as for academics I'd say the school offers a slightly better than average education.
Fayette High School has abled me in making my high school career both a successful and valuable experience. Adventures at Fayette occur daily. Also, every student is able to pursue a high school education in a positive environment. While many high schoolers struggle with going to school, Fayette High School provides a welcoming and positive experience for students of all backgrounds and diversities.
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So far we are not impressed with the level of engagment and effort put into creating a positive environment for ALL kids from the administration or staff . Administration and teachers have far too much control over every aspect of students' days.
Some opportunities are available, but it's always the same students doing everything. Not much for "outsiders"
Bullying is an issue and no one does anything about it at all. In fact sometimes the staff bully students.
if you dont have the right last name your pushed to the side

Who wants to talk to the teachers/counselors they don't help or listen!
There is no interaction, no input to administration.
There are only a few who care!

Kids graduating this school have to take the basics over again in college.
If you are not 3.0 or higher the teachers could care less, if your moms or dads are on board you have it made. Very judgmental school. They don't get to know the kids. They make judgement calls.

Grad class had a skip day, kid came to school instead of skipping, the teachers said hmmm " you seem like the kind of person that would skip school" WHAT! I asked what kind of person would that be? One that the teacher DID NOT try to get to know, even having had that student four years! HOW SAD!
If you don't like it to bad don't eat type setting!
The staff / teachers know nothing!! Or are turning their heads!
Not to much recruiting for which shows your pride of the club. Have to earn money through fund raisers
School tends to center their attention on what they think are the best players when in fact they should pay attention to all its players. Fayette tends to have favorites that no one can compete with.
This school is not very difficult and needs to work on its curriculum. The students all know each other and anyone new is suddenly isolated.
Well, they know the kids too well.
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We suck at sports. Don't come if you like sports.
Well, everyone knows everyone so...
Well, you check it out.
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