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Fayette County High School has one of the most friendly environments in the state go Georgia. Teachers and other staff members are highly encouraging and always push students toward academic success. College attendance is highly recommended, and some even uphold it as a mandatory standard. Students attending all have a friendly demeanor and are very inviting and welcoming and make sure no student feels left out.
I love how the school is very diverse and very caring about the teachers and students and just everyone as a whole. The people do not judge you on your social or economical background they are very friendly.
Fayette County High School is the best school in Fayette County period. Overall the school gives you great diversity, great athletics, great academics, and most importantly great people.
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I am a proud Alum of Fayette County High School. From academics to college opportunity, this school excels in many major aspects. I felt well rounded and college ready when I graduated. I hope this school continues its legacy.
The school is very diverse and people get along well. Clubs are open and to anyone they can get and the atmosphere of the school is good.
I like the diversity of the students , this give us insite on how to enter act in the real world, however I feel that the administration is to strict in what the Senior are allowed to do compared to other schools
There is nothing special about this school. The teachers are bad sometimes, and so are the students. The extra-curricular activities are average and the education is tolerable.
Fayette County high is a diverse school.You will come across multiple attitudes and personalities.The administration is the best thing about the school.They really had my back when I attended.The sports department treats their athletes with high standards.I am happy to say I graduated from this High school.
Fayette County High School is a modern high school with few great teachers. Some teachers stand out and made learning fun and others blend in with the crowd and try to befriend students.
One of the best qualities at Fayette County High School is the diversity. Additionally the dedication of the teachers to ensure that the students succeed made my high school years worthwhile.
It's an okay school. It's boring if you are not in any clubs. Be sure to get involved. They could fix somethings though as well as treat the students a bit better instead of brushing some things off.
I've attended FCHS since I was a Freshman and I simply want to see more involvement from the students.
I was an Exchange student in Fayette County High School. Even if I had some issues regarding counseling and the administration my overall experience at this school is awesome. Great teachers, full of diversity and nice environment .
Fayette County Highschool is an overall good school. Teachers are very willing to help a student outside of school hours, no one gets left behind in the classrooms, and the administrators truly cares for their students.
The Fayette County high school system is a great one. The school is more challenging then my last high school. It made me work harder the usual. Also it is in a great area I love Peachtree City.
The school supports its students I need a myriad of ways. There are many extracurricular activities to entice students to join. Teachers and Staff seek to provide the students with as many opportunities as possible, creating a strong work environment.
I loved my stay at Fayette high. The teachers were great and I was learning everything I needed. However, administration could be annoying at times, but I have heard that it is getting better. Love the diversity that Fayette high has to offer unlike some other schools in the county.
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Overall this is a great school. The teachers are excellent and the adminstrative staff is great with the students. They are on the right track for preparing the students for a career in todays market.
My experience at Fayette County High School was good. I was involved in many clubs and extracurricular activities. Being at Fayette County High School taught me to be myself and I was able to find the confidence in me to accomplish my goals. What I would change about this school are the resources and definitely add more activities and clubs that would make a change to our community. Students deserve better books and resources that are not torn and should be up to date. Recently we were given laptops. These laptops have helped us, but it has also made this school a technology zone. The generation I grew up in was all about books. I have always learned from books and was able to focus more. With laptops, we do not get to read books and teachers do not teach as much or talk to the class. Besides the technology development, I would say my experience was a good one. From this school I have taken new experiences and new friendships that I will always remember.
Staff and students are very welcoming. Most of the administrators know your name after seeing you only once. They follow up with question immediately. The facilities are very good with a large stadium for football, soccer, track and field, with a new concession stand, a new auditorium to open 2019. Great school.
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