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It was overall not a bad experience, the teachers were great if you took rigorous courses. However some regular classes were overbearing at times. Students would over power the teacher most of the time which inhibit them to teach. Besides that, it offered great clubs that allowed plenty of opportunities to become active in the community and volunteer and it was a lot of fun.
Fayette County High School is in a rural area, very much like family. Great academics, tons of resources at your fingertips to get you college ready. Excellent guidance counselor. Advanced placement classes and dual Enrollment to Bevill State Community College.
During my years at Fayette County High School from kindergarten to senior year I was well taken care of and raised in a great community of school staff.
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Fayette County High School has helped me prepare for college while making memories that will last a lifetime. The faculty and staff have been very helpful and there are many programs and resources made available to every student.
My experience at FCHS has been great. I've grown so much in the past four years here. There's nothing like being apart of a small town high school. I looked forward to all of the Friday night football and all of the basketball games as well. FCHS has the best fans in Alabama. We support each other. When we've had tragedies involving one of our students, FCHS always came together and prayed and that is what I loved most about FCHS. We take care of each other. I'm going to miss being a student here.
I like that my school is not excessively large. My graduating class only has 100 students. I feel like the learning environment is much better and i have more one on one time with my teacher to really learn and get help if i need it. If i could change one thing about FCHS, i'd bring more teachers into the school so that there isn't 1 teacher having to teach 3 different classes, and they could focus more on just one and helping others to really understand that subject.
Though our school is small, our teachers love us.
My school should have more after school programs.
They could have more after school programs.
All teachers take their time to break things down.
Fayette County High School is a great school. It is small so you are able to get to know your teachers and they get to know you. Also, because it is small learning in the classroom isn't hard. If you are having trouble; it is easy to get help. I would choose this school again if I could do it over because everyone is friendly and it is small.
We have a low budget. Most fruits are old.
Teachers are great but some are not the best
Health is very important. But safety is a minimum.
We have amazing teachers at this school!
Guidance counselor doesn't help. Hardly any college prep resources, (if any) Parents are not involved, though school phone cast does help. Tutoring not offered unless specially requested to teacher. You may or may not get help. school building is partially new and kept fairly clean. Lots of technology to use. Busing Is good. Though on field trips we pack like sardines (3-4) in one seat. to save on gas.
Lots of sports. Less intellectual clubs (EX. book club)
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My school is pretty accepting. We usually bond.
What made this school unique was the teachers. They didn't just come to school but looked forward to it. They didn't ignore it if someone was picked on or if there was personal things going on in a student's life. If I had a choice to go back I would choose to go somewhere else. The reason I say this is so that I could compare the places I've been and to try something different. I'm a person who likes change so I would have to do something different.
There was always an option for cereal at breakfast along with an apple if people choice not to eat what they prepared. We had everything from sausage biscuits to breakfast pizza. For lunch we always had a variety of things to eat and we also had the choice for a salad. Our choice on drinks were water, milk, orange, and apple juice.
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