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Great family atmosphere where everyone knows everyone. Teachers are lifelong mentors to students. Administration is top-notch and demonstrate fair discipline among all grades. Students are allowed and encouraged to participate in multiple sports and clubs. This school does not actively "recruit" athletes to play on sports teams which gives opportunities for students to play together in pre-K through Varsity learning teamwork and family values along the way. One-third of students who have taken the ACT score a 30 or above on at least one sub-section. The FA band continuously score highly in state-wide competitions.
As a parent of two students and alumni of the school it is exciting to see the growth of the school towards a diverse technology driven learning environment that maintains the high standards of safety and moral compass that has been held at the school since its doors opened.
I love the small town school, it's nice knowing everyone not just in your grade but in the whole high school. The faculty is amazing and so helpful. Sad to be graduating a great place. I have been going here since 6th grade. All of my teachers have helped me learn and grow in a safe, christian environment that upholds christian values; which is crucial to me and my parents.
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I have been going to Fayette Academy since I started kindergarten, and I am now a senior. It provides a great education, and the faculty truly do care about the education and well-being of every student. Fayette Academy is a great school, and it offers a variety of clubs to join, classes to take, and ways to become involved in the local community.
I have 4 children currently at FA. We love the lower grades however, once you enter middle school as well as high school, it seems like the most of the teaching staff lack the knowledge one would need in order to teach the class. This is beyond frustrating. In my opinion, your children definitely do not receive the education you pay for.
I grew up at Fayette academy. It’s where I learned about who I am as a person and where I learned the knowledge that was needed to get into college. The teachers walked hand in hand with the students to insure that all of the material made since. I am proud of the school I come from and I would recommend it to other students in elementary and high school, as well as, parents.
My experience at Fayette Academy is one I will never forget. I have made friends and built relationships with not only the students, but also the teachers that will last a life time. Although Fayette Academy is a small school, the achievements that have been accomplished are huge. Fayette Academy sets goals for the students that challenge their thinking ability in a positive way. It has a christian environment that is often taken for granted. I have been going to Fayette Academy since Kindergarten and the changes that have been made are only making the school better. The teachers not only care about your grades, but also about the person you are becoming. I have been blessed with the opportunity to attend this school.
This is a school interested on the behalf of the students; the teacher-to-student ratio is ideal for a small high-school (not too many, and not too little). It feels more as if it were a family atmosphere, and many students and teachers do indeed come together in times of distress and worship. Activities and academics are usually limited due to funding; however, if tuition were increased, havoc from parents would most likely occur. I would be extremely interested in visiting and improving the school once I graduate from college and enter adulthood (where I am able to support myself financially). Many kids that come here are full of potential but are not exercised to reach it (or many others do not care to do so). I feel as if the only way for improvement is within the student body and alumni, as we students have our own insight and experience first hand. Overall, this is the best school Fayette County offers.
Its a small school I came here my freshman year because its just one of the better schools. Its very small my senior class is 50 people.
The bathrooms have not been upgraded and half of the sinks barely work. Some of the teachers genuinely don't care about us students and want their paycheck instead.
Most juniors participate in prom committee to fit in.
We recently put in 60 cameras so no one can have sex or drink in the parking lot during school. This wasn't a big problem before.
Our bathrooms, lunch menus, and technology have all been recently upgraded in regards to the students. Curriculum is challenging and engaging.
Students and teachers alike are very helpful and polite.
I'm never concerned with safety except for the student drivers. They should redo the parking lot.
The teachers overall are nice but some are not preparing the students for college. Especially math and science.
The teacher that had probably been there the longest is good at her job and is good at preparing students for college.
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We have been happy at Fayette Academy. Glad she is a senior! Looking forward to her continued success.
The teachers are like part of your family and you know everyone here. Only bad thing about that is they know all of your business and nothing is private. You have to be ready to be part of the family. Education wise our school has many "old school" style teachers. Some of the newer teachers are struggling and are placed in classes that is not their major. I love my school and I love the people. The small town family feel is what you get at Fayette Academy.
It's a nice small school so if that is your style, you"ll love it.
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