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Fauquier High School provides experiences that tie the students to the community that offers valuable life lessons. Through high school I have been able to join clubs, fill officer roles and improve my leadership skills. Through these clubs I was able to find my career path and my college. Ultimately, Fauquier has prepared me for college and life through my teachers, resources and supporting administration.
I am currently attending Fauquier High School. I have had an overall wonderful time at the school so far, and it is the teachers as well as the students who make it such a nice environment. The teachers are great and really do care about you, and how you are doing academically. The students that go here are a an amazing bunch of kids that are smart, fun, and involved.
Going to Fauquier High School was very enjoyable. While some aspects of the older buildings can be improved upon, the courses offered and options given to students more than make up for it. The school, with its officers, are very safe and never once have I genuinely feared for my safety at the facility.
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Overall, Fauquier isn't a terrible school, but could be drastically improved by fixing priorities in certain areas.
Overall, I have enjoyed most of my classes and have felt that they have prepared me for college. I do feel that there are some teachers that need find their passion for teaching again or go ahead and retire or move on.
I like some of the teachers--mostly in English courses. I didn't like the traditional aspects of the high school: the loud bell between classes, the unhealthy lunches, the unimaginative classrooms.
I love how supportive and intelligent the teachers are! There are multiple clubs to join and the food served in the cafeteria is also very good!
Fauquier High School gave me a great education, that I continue to use in college, and has put me ahead in credits.
I think Fauquier High School is a great school. Teachers are very kind and willing to help you with any question you may ask. The school has a 30 minute advisory time in the middle of the day just for students to have time to work on homework or go to teachers to ask for help.
Fauquier High School really brought a sense of family to my schooling. The administration, teachers, and other students made me feel welcomed and happy to be in school. There was not a single day that I walked down the halls and a fellow falcon didn't ask about my day or how I was. I graduated knowing that I was loved and cared for.
There are three public high school sin the county and Fauquier High is the oldest of the three. I love that FHS holds onto tradition while still growing and changing as technology advances and new learning tools and techniques emerge. The staff has a genuine care for the students and their success.
Fauquier High has a great campus and great teachers for every subject. It offers a variety of classes, whether it be AP, Dual Enrollment, Honors, CTE, Art, Literature, or more. The faculty is friendly and supportive and the school has a positive environment. It also allows you to partake in the local Governor's School, Mountain Vista for those students aspiring to work within the STEM field.
I graduated from Fauquier High School back in 2016. I overall enjoyed my 4 years there and was highly envolved with the music department. Fauquier high school made it an easy transition for me to be ready for college. I had all the help I seeked for in order to be successful all 4 years and graduate with an advance diploma.
The teachers cared about you as a person and will go out of their way to help you if you ask them for anything. All of my coaches really stressed academics first before sports and were great about having us study and do homework before we had games. I would not trade the past four years I've had here for anything else.
It was ok, teachers were mostly fun and learned a good amount. Staff was awful and mean the principal is horrible. I liked the school's design though and the students there.
Fauquier High School provides me with ability to take dual enrollment (college and High School) courses while providing a great social and sports arena.
Good experience. The quality of your teacher varies, but for the most part they seemed to know what they were doing
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Students are constantly looked down apon by the administratio, rude and uninterested in actually helping you. They completely failed during a tornado warning. Students were still standing above ground in the main building has the storm past. I had a teacher that did not allow us to exit the building for a fire drill because "it would take too long." I had to have a note anywhere I went, even the restroom. Admin. Constantly hassled students expected the worst. Teachers cram for sols and pressure students to do well so they don't lose acredidation "again" I would have planned for an early graduation if it weren't for the great counselors and the dedicated marketing department.
I like Fauquier High School because of the team spirit and how dedicated they are to sports. I also like how the parking lot is close.
Fauquier was my first ever public school I'd attended. I was pleasantly surprised with genuinely caring teachers and the opportunity to choose challenging courses that would play to my academic strengths along with extracurricular growth.
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