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Faulkton High School Reviews

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I like that everyone knows everyone. Fauklton School is in a small town, we live in a safe environment and location. There are very little to no problems with drugs and bullies. The teachers push students to try there best and to succeed. The students are very involved in sports and the community itself.
The Faulkton Area High School in South Dakota that offers many different type of academic programs. The teachers are very helpful taking extra time to give their students the help they need. My favorite program Faulkton School offers is the Internship program available to high school seniors. With this program I actually decided to go into a completely different career option than I interned in. So I am very glad a program like that exists in my school. Although, since our school is fairly small we don't offer as many clubs as a larger school would. Diversity in students is not really found here because of the area that it is in. I hope in future years the lunches will be improved to better portion size that fit the ages of the students. Being a senior, I would say I have had a good educational upbringing attending the Faulkton School since I was old enough to be in school.
We don't have a lot of options for classes.
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The food can be good on days, but other days yuck!
The Administration favors several people in our school only because of their background. For example if they have a parent who is a teacher they get special privileges.
Some favor students due to their background like the administration. Others are very fair. Some are knowledgeable but some aren't.
I think that the resources at our school are readily available to students. We all have laptops that we can bring home.
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