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Faubion Middle School Reviews

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Bullying is a huge problem at this school as well as the cover up by the counselor and administration . Counselor Keifer : very poor performance ! Assistant Principle Demakas : had no intention to get to the bottom of the situation , he was just trying to shut us down.
What I like was the sports program. The teachers in all departments were very one on one. They were very willing to stay after hours and help the students that needed extra help. What I would like to see change is the atmosphere. The culture has a lot of cliques. I would want to see some classes about diversity and acceptance, and hold teachers accountable for mixing races within class groups and projects. Because of the socioeconomic mixing of students, there was a segregation between some students.
really enjoyed football and track and the coaches.
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I take my lunch every day.
its diverse because of busing but sometimes this causes gangs and us against them.
I met a lot of my life time friends here but they really need to improve the buildings or build another school. It is very old with small hallways/stairwells, etc. I had really good teachers but I also had some really bad ones. Classroom management needs to improve at this school.
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