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Fatima High School is a wonderful experience and one of the top schools around. Fatima is a fairly small high school, creating more of a one on one bond with staff and students. At Fatima not a day will go by where you walk through the halls and do not know someone. Everyone knows everyone and at Fatima no one is a stranger. Most assume that since we are a small school, with roughly under 100 kids per high school class, we are not strong athletically. But not only do the smaller classes help Fatima to be academically stronger than most schools, we also excel in sports. Not a season goes by where a team does not make it to state. I am beyond thankful that my parents chose Fatima High for me because not a day goes by that I am not thankful for learning at Fatima High.
Fatima is a GREAT school because of their athletics and academics. On the other hand they tend to focus more on girls clothings than more important things sometimes. It makes the girls uncomfortable sometimes to get written up because they’re wearing white gym shorts that “are see through” as said by administration. The dress code is very sexist and is the only thing I’d change besides a few other things to make it less prisiony!
The teachers truly care about the students success. The athletic program has become outstanding, with the success very obvious over the recent years.
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Very tight knit community! The academics are pretty easy and don’t challenge the student much. Sports are valued very highly. Too highly. The practice of hiring a teacher in order to have a new coach is frustrating. It’s very easy to excel socially in the school if one is from the Osage county area. However I would not recommend outside transfers coming to Fatima because it may be hard to find a group. Fatima recently made the change to incorporate one to one technology into their schooling so hopefully that works out. No diversity at this school.
The school focuses too much on sports and teachers and all faculty members tend to favor students who are in sports over the other students who are not. I do like how they try to prepare you for college by helping out and preparing you with the best of their abilities. Also, some teachers expect the students to learn independently by just telling them the assignment and not even help out the students. Their response is always reread the directions or look at your notes instead of actually helping the students. Some teachers also don't put into perspective that not all students learn and test the exact same way. They expect all the students to learn at the same pace at the same time without giving certain students the boost they need to understand the lesson and pass the class.
Fatima High School is a positive and fun place to go to school. There are many academic courses to pick from and the overall curriculum puts students in a position to be college ready and successful for the future. The school is very sports and club oriented and promotes support for all types of students and interests.
Everyone is very friendly and all the teachers do their best to help the students prepare for the next level.
Fatima High School has fully prepared me for college by offering dual credit classes. The teachers want to see the students achieve in class and in the future.
Quality education but much improvement to be made... dress code seems too stern. They have a good variety of dual credit classes.
The teachers are fantastic. The environment is small and friendly but not too small! Food is okay, could be better but good for what they have to work with. Lots of varieties of classes and many dual credit options available!
Fatima is a great place with outstanding teachers. The teachers really value your education and want to make sure you really understand what you're learning. However, the dress code could be better. The students are not allowed to show shoulders, wear yoga pants/leggings, or have holes in their jeans above the knee. They only write up certain people for breaking the dress code while other people break it everyday. Besides that, the school is a great place with really good sports programs and have many clubs one can be a part of.
I wish they offered a more diversified selection
Overall Fatima is a great school. Just like all school they have their issues. It has a great athletic program and a great support system for that program. I just wish that they would appreciate their academia as much.
There are many different options of clubs, organizations, and activities for everyone to get involved in.
The atmosphere at this school was very welcoming. Everyone had a friend and felt like they belonged in some way.
The teachers at this school are encouraging to the students and know their content areas well.
I enjoy the sports and the spirit, but there is bullying and it goes unnoticed sometimes. I probably would want to attend a larger school with more diversity.
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There is no salad bar, but there is an ice cream bar. We rarely receive fresh fruit amd vegetables. It is unhealthy and greasy. Warm food tends to be cold, and milk is frozen. Only one microwave thay barely works so bringing in your own lunch is a struggle.
The main controversy in school this year is the ban on yoga pants. The only reason it is controversial is because some students do not get in trouble, while others do. Students take offense to the way the teachers tell them not to wear yoga pants.
Our sports teams are phenomenal this year. We have been to state back to back in baseball. Cross country boys and Goldsboro received state honors two years in a row, volleyball got second, and softball got first in state. Over half of the school is involved in a sport. Out school spirit is impressive. With lack of equipment, we make due with what we have, but air condition in our gym would be beneficial.
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