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Father Yermo High School Reviews

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Private schools can be sometimes really expensive, nevertheless this institution is an exception. Father yermo Highschool has been helping young dreamers to succeed in college and live a distinguished life, during my time here at Father Yermo i’ve Learned so many important things thanks to the good level of education of the faculty members.
Everyone knows everyone. It is a small school with so many fun traditions. The school has a family environment, making it easy to make friends, and for teachers to help you grow.
Father Yermo High School is a school that is very united. Everyone knows each other and it feels like they are all a big family. You really feel welcome at the school.
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What I like mainly about Father Yermo High School is the unity within alumni, staff, and teachers. It is a small school. Therefore, the number of students is reduced considerably in comparison to other academic institutions which creates the greater interaction between students and faculty. In addition, the amount of knowledge is increased due to the reduced tracher-student ratio.
I have been at father yermo high school since I entered to high school. Believe it or not there are really good things as there are really bad. First, the classes are small so that you can have better interaction of student and teacher. Also teachers there have iniciative and preposition to help us at any aspect. The bad thing is that due too low rate of students, the school has problems with resources for us. The worst thing you can find at my school, is its food. The food is terrible, so much that students prefer to not eat than have lunch at the cafeteria. The community inside father yermo is good and bad at the same time. If you look to one direction, you can see people helping each other, praying and living the mass, but if you look to the other side you can see smokers, disrespectful people and those who don't have consciousness about their doing. In general father yermo school is an average school where you can learn your studies and how society works in real life.
great school to small for my personal like could be a little more academically challenging and to many people speak spanish instead of english there.
Father Yermo is the best school you can go to, many people believe that because is a nuns school it would be borred but actually is fun. They are your friends and the teachers are the best, they know how to work and you can see that they like to teach.
Father Yermo High School is a school were no student needs to worry about peer pressure. this school is small but they really aims on students academic studies.
They have a variarity of clubs to choose from.
They put the student safety first.
It has a diversity of people.
The teachers help any student that might need it.
Being honest, there a few clubs or organizations that include choir, chaplains, basketball, volleyball, national honor society, soccer and stuco. The most popular is the chaplains which is a club where everyone participates and do community service, they are the ones in charge of preparing every mass.
Health and safety polices are very important right know at my school. Each month we have a fire drill and a lockdown just to practice the safety rules in case some day it happens. Although the nurse is not always in the school, we have first aid in case of some injury. The school's doors are always locked and not everyone can enter the building easily. There are cameras all around the school.
My experience at this school is that everyone is friendly to you, there is no person that will make you feel uncomfortable. In case of help, they never let you down, instead they help you to overcome the issues. This school is very unique because everyone knows everyone, and it is good because it makes us a very united school. I will choose again this school because besides the great level of education, it makes you feel like home.
The teachers at my school are very committed to what they are teaching. They use the same method for teaching but in different ways. Like for example, some of them may read first the chapter and then explain it, while other may do the complete opposite which will be to explain first then read. Most of the teachers challenge us by raising the bar and put us up to real world problems. They all have the same method for grading which basically homework approaches most of the grading.
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