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No student left without a friend. More involvement with students that are not involved in Sports. Everyone is not in sports what happens to them?? R eview academically where students need to advance not left just to satisfy the general requirements when they can do more. Students should be evaluated and counsel before mid term. There is only the initial ineterview for entering students
What I like about Father Ryan High School is the way they keep a personal relationship with their students and their ability to make their students feel known.
I enjoy father Ryan overall. All of the teachers, as well as the students are so nice and welcoming. The curriculum is great!! Attending this school, I have been pushed to think out side the box and to learn the importance of strategic thinking.
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Everything here is perfect: the teachers, the academics, the sports, the clubs, the students. I had a blast!
My favorite experiences at Father Ryan came during class time. I learned so much more than I feel like I even signed up for. The teachers are open to difficult discussion and meaningful connection. I also enjoyed making friends from my involvement in the theatre program.
I have loved my time at Father Ryan High School. The teachers and administration are terrific, and the curriculum prepares students for college very well. I have made so many friends through class and extracurricular activities, like Theatre and service opportunities.
At Father Ryan, the mixture of Catholicism and everyday learning is superb. The facilities and teachers are top of the line. Personally, I have yet to experience a teacher that was unable to construct my mind in accordance with the topic. Although athletics aren't particularly strong at the time, it has a rich history of dominant teams known throughout the Nashville area.
Father Ryan High School is a Catholic co-ed high school in Nashville, TN. It's an average size high school, so not too big. The facilities are up to date and the extracurricular activities are many.
Father Ryan is by far, still the best experience of my life. Their motto, "You will be known and you will be loved," is true to its word. All the faculty and staff were so welcoming everyday, which makes it not so bad to be in school. The friends I have made are still my friends to this day. The environment of the high school makes me wanting to go to school, and pay attention in classes. The classes were also very helpful, and easy to understand. If you did not understand it, the teachers are willing to help you walk through everything step-by-step. There are also college counselors that will walk you through the process of choosing a college that is right for you. Everyone at Father Ryan is helpful in there own way. You will not be lost or unwanted, there is always someone there for you when you need it. Father Ryan High School was a great experience for a high school.
I would like to see how they handle bullying and hurtful situations improve. I loved how there were a few teachers who would truly love you and always have their door open to you. I did not, however, like how some of the administration would only show attention to the "popular" kids and not bother to learn the other students' names.
Father Ryan has been a very good school. It has been academically challenging while having a faculty that is willing to help each student reach his full potential. They offer many different activities for students to become involved in as well.
I have had a very good experience at Father Ryan. It is very good environment for learning . I have matured very much during my high school years here .
Father Ryan is an excellent school that stays true to its Catholic values by not discriminating when accepting any students; because of this, the student body is very diverse in academic ability and socioeconomic status. The athletics are top-notch, their band is nationally recognized, and they offer a wide range of classes for every student. If you are academically inclined, the honors and AP program is top-notch and rivals any private and public school in the area. Father Ryan has prepared me extremely well for my top-20 university, and I am forever grateful for how my time there shaped me not just as a student, but as a person with a commitment to serving others.
I love Father Ryan. I have been challenged academically with Honors and AP classes. I have made good friends and found the teachers to be helpful and understanding.
This school does not respect parental rights. They care more about their reputation than they do about the children. They are fond of kicking out those who disagree with the opinion of the administration.
I would like to see more diversity. I would like to see more one on one counseling. I would like to see more student activities.
The school offers a great environment for students of all ages. The campus is beautiful and it well-kept consistently.
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Father Ryan does not tolerate bullying. There are policies in place for personal safety and security, I feel safe at Father Ryan
Students seem to really enjoy their extracurriculars and have pride and commitment to thos that they join.
When at Father Ryan, I always felts very safe and bully wasn't much of a problem. However, if bullying did occur correct matters would have been take.
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