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Father Lopez Catholic High School Reviews

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The best part about Father Lopez is its emphasis on the school community as a family. There is a sense of belonging every time you set foot on campus which is special for a high school.
Great teachers,School very organized. the academics are really,it is definitely a safety environment, the people in the administration are very nice.
Overall I am very please with the school.
Father Lopez have the most caring teachers and staff that I have ever had while going to school. I never had a bad day while I attended Father Lopez for four years
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The school provides a good education that prepares you well for college. There is a large sense of school spirit.
In my last year attending I can truly say that father Lopez has prepared me to move onto college, giving me the proper tools that I will need to succeed.
It was a great experience. I made lots of friends and learned a lot of valuable lessons. The teachers were wonderful and actually cared whether or not you were doing well in their class.
As president of the drama club at Father Lopez, I have encountered numerous obstacles in terms of seeing how the school prioritizes their sports over fine arts. The football team essentially had all of their fees paid for and they had funds thrown at them. On the other hand, my drama troupe has absolutely no funds and not much more than a murphy bed as an excuse for a stage. I would love to see my school develop their fine arts program into a more prosperous part of their curriculum.
Father Lopez Catholic High School has been an experience. The teachers have been nice and graceful at times at the students. The education gives the best it does for the students. The school gives opportunity for students of their talents and help in school or for college. What I would change is to have more spirit in school, there's a lack of spirit in the school with the students that it's sad. As well as the food, the food line is dysfunctional as well as the food not that good to eat.
I had two Children attend Father Lopez. Our first went there all four years and graduated. She had the worst time there. Our second went there when our first was a senior and we transferred her after the first year. Better be prepared to pay more than just the 10K for tuition, if you want to be taken serious. Money is all they care about.
Father Lopez has given my children the opportunity to become prepared for college while enjoying sports and other student activities. The school is technologically superior to any school in the area. The buildings are well maintained and grounds are beautiful.
At Father Lopez Catholic High School, everyone feels like family. You can always reley on fellow students, or the excellent teachers. With the gorgeous campus which is kept in impeccable shape, it turns anyone who is having a bad day into a happy camper.
My experience at Father Lopez Catholic High School was for the most part great. With a great atmosphere of positive and uplifting people it kept my journey one to remember. The teachers really cared if you did well, something rare to find in schools. I would not trade those four years at Father Lopez for anything, and I suggest if you live in the area you check it out.
I only went to Father Lopez for one semester, but I had fun during the semester. I played on their JV volleyball team and transferred over to the varsity team when the JV season ended. The bad thing about Fr. Lopez is that they don't have steady teachers. I didn't have an actual chemistry teacher for the six months that I went there. The social setting of Lopez was fun, but the academic side of it was mediocre. The teachers were very lax when it came to submitting school work and stuff.
I went here for all four years and had a great time. the teachers were nice and always wanted to help, the sports teams are pretty good too.
Father Lopez Catholic High School is a private institution which prepares the student for college. Overall, the school offers challenging academic courses for different levels of students. That is, from regular course of studies to the more advanced AP and Dual Enrollment courses. Either path will prepare your student for college. There are also many student activities that your student can join in; from athletics to social clubs, allowing the student to be fully engaged in the Green Wave experience.

Overall, I had a great four years lettering in golf and weightlifting and more importantly learning how to make the world a better place. I also was able to keep a high GPA allowing me to be inducted into the National Honor Society. It also prepared me for the college application process. I was successfully accepted at every college that I applied to!
The only downside at FLCHS would be their cafeteria. They need to improve it.
Father Lopez is very diverse school with dozens of courses, sports, and clubs to help prepare you for college.
Father Lopez is an amazing school for the most part. There is much diversity and opportunities and it is every inch a college prep school. Though not all the teachers are up to par, as they don't seem to care over much for student success. And the food is small in portion and poor in quality.
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I've never encountered a problem regarding health and/or safety issues at this school. I was always very pleased regarding these issues as compared to other schools.
There are a ton of options as far as extracurricular and I typically participated in 3-5 at a time. Even if there wasn't a club you liked you could create your own with teacher/faculty approval.
It definitely prepared me academically for college and I feel confident that I can handle college as a whole.
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