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FGR offers the personalized education every child should have access ! We are happy we made the switch from public’s schools.
It's a nice school- the students are friendly, the teachers are good, and the academics strong. I really enjoyed my 4 years here but I am excited to go to college in the fall.
I loved most of my peers at Father Gabriel Richard and had several truly life-changing teachers, but in my time there, I have had 3 different principals, 2 different presidents, and witnessed a MESS of an administration. They are unnecessarily strict and think that all of the students need discipline even for the most trite things. Additionally, it is EXTREMELY conservative - to the point where it is offensive at times. My freshman year, our chaplain taught that gay people go to hell which is not even remotely Catholic Church doctrine. All this being said, I am grateful for several of my teachers who really truly do care about the well-being of the student and have taken an actual interest in my life. They, and the friends I have made here, are the only thing that kept me from transferring to a different school before graduation.
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Father Gabriel Richard High School has given me a very unique high school experience that has certainly shaped my life and the way I carry myself. The academic rigor of the classes I have taken have definitely prepared me to succeed in college level classes, while also providing a fun way of learning that does not put too much of a workload on me. However, it is the culture of this school that makes it so special, as the relative size and community network sets up any student who enters it to have a variety of friends and sources of support in their spiritual, social, and school life. All the way from the first day of freshman year to the last day of graduation, I have had people looking out for my well being and have felt at home in this school comunity
I like the people. I hate how it is a closed campus and they never let you do anything. We get randomly drug tested weekly. They have completely taken away our freedom of expression. The sports are trash. The coaches are trash, mainly because our Athletic Director has a talent at hiring the worst coaches in the world. Students are getting suspensions and detentions left and right. The staff care more about discipline than they do proper education.
Attending FGR supported my intellectual, social, and spiritual growth. I was able to to take classes that challenged me and prepared me for college with support from dedicated teachers. The smaller size allowed a timid student like myself to experience familiarity and feel comfortable there. I developed lasting relationships with both students and staff. I especially enjoyed participating in sports teams and clubs as well as service opportunities. I joined groups that served in Flint on weekends and Mexico City on a spring break trip and both of these experiences have shaped my worldview. FGR's biggest strength is its campus ministry. As a student, I witnessed and contributed to the faith formation of countless students. The campus ministry staff is dedicated, open-minded, and loving. Its emphasis on student leadership helped me to both grow in my faith and take an active role in supporting others.
Both of my elder brothers attended FGR, and filled my head with all sorts of horror stories about the school, as older brothers do. But from the very first day, it felt like home. Each staff member and teacher had nothing but the greatest possible amount of care for each student, always willing to make time, never short or angry. It was an environment that both prepared one for college and their academic future, while encouraging students to branch out in sports and service within their own community. School Spirit came not only from love of each other and one's academic peers, but from love of the school itself, and its staff that ensures it to be one of its alumni's most fond memories. If there were one thing I personally could change, it would be to increase funding for the drama department. The drama club and choir are very well rounded out with participants, but not gifted with much space.
Father Gabriel Richard High School is a great school that offers a top notch education. It is a good size for someone who needs more personal attention from their teachers. Faith and the Catholic religion are big aspects of the school as a whole.
Father Gabriel Richard truly has prepared me for college. The emphasis on critical thinking and more practical learning sets it apart from many other high schools. The majority of the teachers are really excellent and know how to teach the curriculum. There are some teachers that are less than stellar, but that can be expected from any school. FGR instructs students on how to be disciples of Jesus, and the staff have a commitment to God.
The school is very conservative and lacks diversity. However, the academics are strong, with great educators, and it is a solid school for college preparation. Teachers and administration are very supportive of students.
Overall I was very disappointed with what FGR had to offer, limited classes, activities, and electives with other obvious downsides related to being a small Catholic school. Going in as a freshman I was thrilled to be continuing my education academically and religiously. But when I started it was something very different-instead of us having open conversations about faith related topics, theology class was more or less an hour of being informed of the rules and beliefs that are "mandatory" to be a true Catholic. Shocked, and very disappointed we continuously heard about how wrong and evil things were trying to poison our mind. In addition the extremely disrespectful student handbook where things such as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgenderism etc. were stated as disorders and were guaranteed to not be recognized as anything more than that. My short experience with this school was miserable and would not be recommended to anyone open-minded in the slightest.
I really love the Catholic atmosphere of FGR. THe faculty and staff as well as the student body are kind and helpful. It is a great place to learn and grow, though extracurricular opportunities are fairly limited.
FGR is an amazing school. The teachers genuinely care about each and every student, even beyond the classroom. FGR offers 13 different A.P. courses, all of which are taught by incredibly talented teachers. The school encourages kids to dive deeper into their faith life, and gives them the materials to do so. Richard is not very diverse in terms of race however there are students from very broad socioeconomic backgrounds.
You cannot enter the school without being let in by the office staff. Police are readily available through the Ann Arbor Police Department. We have a school nurse at FGR if you need to lay down because you are sick. There are always people around the building.
There are a lot of clubs and sports at FGR if you want to join them. Clubs range from the Pro-Life Club to the Forensics Team.
Even though the coursework was very challenging, I was exceptionally prepared for the university courses. FGR invited parents and families to school events. There was always something going on that you could either join or attend. The students were very nice and friendly. The school did a great job teaching us about faith and reason.
My teachers at FGR were available before school, after school, and during lunch time. They would email you back quickly when you had a question. They were friendly and helped you with personal problems when they occurred.
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I always felt extremely safe and secure at this school.
There's always a group for someone a and everyone.
Very small community, close-knit but can be broken up into groups. Overall, academics are good, teachers are good.
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