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Fast Forward Charter High School Reviews

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I attended Fast Forward after after attending schools in tremonton since I was a kid. Fast Forward was really just the thing I needed, and I think most young adults need going through high school. I felt like the teachers and my fellow class mates were closer to family than they were to being just another school. I went from flunking and not caring about school at all to becoming a 4.0 student. I became involved in all the school activities and couldn’t have been more happy. I still keep in touch with some of my teachers there and volunteer there to set up school events. Fast Forward will become your second home if you’re willing to be open to it.

P.S. I never had a problem with bullying at any schools, however Fast Forward deals with bullies quickly and makes sure anyone being aggressive is either kicked out or made clear they’ll be on thin ice unless their behavior changes
I like Fast Forward Charter High School because even though I was the new kid as a graduating senior, I still felt welcome and I was able to make friends fast. The classes here are very engaging and fun, especially in the science department. The teachers there are also very welcoming. They go on a first name basis so that the student and teacher have a better relationship along with more trust. We can speak to the teachers as friends after class and we chose to treat them with respect in class. I appreciate all that the teachers at Fast Forward have done for me.
I have decided to go to college it has been amazing how the teachers and staff have helped me make the decision I did they have really taught me how to deal and face things on my own. For example getting into college was really hard having to go up to the university and speak to the administration was something I would have never done without fats forward
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There used to be only a small indoor gym, but now they have an outdoor field. There were no sports besides basketball, but now that they have a field then I think there will be more sports at FFCHS.
When I went to Fast Forward there were friendly students and teachers. The teachers really wanted you to succeed in your dreams and they helped push you forward to those dreams. I was in the art ambassador program and it helped me go further with my art and helped me get my art out there. If I had went to a different school then I would have never graduated and I would have never been given the opportunities I have now.
There is not a super strict dress code. There is little to none bullying, that I know of. The attendance is getting better. The principle is very involved in the school and she really cares about the students and their success.
In this school the number one rule is respect and if students are breaking that rule then it is handled in the right way. This school is a safe environment for students going there. For the most part students are usually respectful to other students and staff. There are many practice drills for if there was a shooter in the building and also frequent drug searches. There is little bullying.
There is art club, science club, and prom planning after school. There is also math tutoring after school. The teachers actually care about you and your future and are willing to help. They have an excellent art program, including new computers and art supplies.
It's decent. We could have better food if the school district didn't think every student is fat.
The faculty and students, as a whole, are like of a close knit family. The teachers actually care about your future and. try to help move you along
The teachers are the best. They will take time to work with students, if need be. We all go by a first name basis. Fast Forward Charter High School is like a family.
It's one of the best schools in the state. We have amazing programs for the arts; this would include a video production program, a full size recording studio, and art ambassador programs for seniors.
We have a sort of meh basketball team. Personally, I could care less for sports in general.
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