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FHS offered a lot of different and unique opportunities for me while I attended. I was able to take college classes before graduating, and was also able to participate in several extra-curricular activities such as Band, Drama, National Honor Society, the Academic team, and Student Council. The quality of education I received could have been a little more intensive for me, and some of the rules created by the administration were not enforced on everyone. Farwell has a tendency to pick favorites, especially if they were involved with athletics. There were a lot of athletes and athlete "groupies" who would get away with breaking the rules, such as dress code and tardy policies, and not get reprimanded for it. This made it difficult for the rest of us to feel like we were being treated fairly. But overall, I would say that the opportunities that Farwell offered me outweighed the negatives of attending.
I liked that the school has teachers who help students who may be struggling, catch up with the rest of the class. The teachers really do care about everyone's success, not just the brighter or more fortunate students. Every student gets a first class "Royal" education in a public school environment. The teachers are very professional and respect everyone’s personal background and incorporate that into their learning strategies. Farwell has a true community orientated schooling system!
Some coaching could be reevaluated for the sports, but every other activity is very successful and beneficial for students.
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It's like a half and half. Half of the parents are always involved and help other kids and are very supportive. While others want nothing to do with the school and just argue with the staff.
They do so much for the kids who are smart and work hard, those who struggle but work hard, and even those who don't work hard. They do more than they should have to for students and use their own money to fund themselves and clubs.
It's fantastic so proud to be an eagle.
Every teacher loves to interact and be a role model to the kids, even after they pass through there classes they still seem to look after and help when they can.
Band kids are the most committed to their work.
Band and drama are the best parts of the school.
They make sure students are doing their best.
I moved from mount pleasant my junior year so from that the school is ok but doesn't have as many extra curricular activities as im used too
I LOVE THIS SCHOOL! Feels like home. the teachers are wonderful and extremely supportive.
My overall experience has been okay. I have seen things be unfair and I wished they were different. Other than that, it's okay.
Our school is very safe for our students. We have had many lock downs due to crimes near our school. No one has ever been hurt or in danger.
Our schools waiting lines are bad. Our whole school eats lunch together at once. We have a special meal line, which is the meal that changes daily. That line is extremely long. By the time the last person in line gets their meal, lunch has about 5 minutes left.
Our office staff are the best. Why? They literally know each student. No one feels alone or unknown here at Farwell because of our staff, Mrs.Beardsley and Mrs. Bell. Our staff will take time out of their day just to have a short nice talk with students. It's great. They make our school fun to attend.
The teaching styles of our teachers are the worst. Each of our teachers have different teaching strategies. For example, my chemistry teacher teaches a way that was recently on channel one news. We do homework in class, and note guides at home online. While my English teacher teaches everything in class. And my history teacher has note guides we copy down in class and he teaches them to us. And my Econ teacher doesn't do note guides, he feels we best learn by writing down what we hear. Each teaching strategy is different. I feel that it confuses me. Each person adapts to a learning strategy, and our school having multiple different ways just confuses me.
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Our athletic facilities aren't the best. They are horrible. Our track has pieces falling apart, I can notice the difference running on our track, and another school's track. Our football field is also bad due to the fact that it's completely unlrvrl all over with holes going through the dirt leading to tripping. Our softball and baseball fields are alright, I've never heard complaints about those. That is how our athletic facilities are.
At Farwell High School, our students level of commitment for sports is great. Many of our athletes practice and condition for their sport year round, myself included. If someone were to go on a tour through our small school, they would see the weight room full of students working out, including many of our teachers who are the ones to motivate us students. There would also be students running in the school if the weather isn't the best that day. Teachers work out a lot as well. This school year, I've seen an increase in excersise at our school. Every day I run after school and I see teachers working out or running around the school. It's great to see everyone so committed to our athletics.
Everyone is very friendly. The guidance counselor loves to help you with everything from writing a resume to planning college out.
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