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Farson-Eden High School Reviews

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Farson-Eden High School is a small school which takes pride in its students. Due to the small population, class sizes generally stay below 20 kids. This enables teachers to spend more time helping individual students. The faculty is respectful and the students tend to befriend all who join them. Sports are a major part of life here, and while there are few options of what to play, almost everyone takes part in one of the school-sponsored athletic programs.
In Farson everyone plays sports and if you don't then you aren't "cool". Going to school there was alright. It wasn't the best because there weren't many opportunities, for example, we didn't have FFA (Future Farmers of America) in fact the only club besides sports that was offered was FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) that wasn't something I was interested in, and sports weren't my thing unless it involved a horse. Now that I have told you all the bad things about Farson let me shed some light on the good things. The teachers I had were amazing they were always coming up with new ideas to keep kids interested into going to school and wanting to graduate. The number one thing that the teachers would do would to be to bend over backwards for you, I don't think I would have graduated high school if it wasn't for my teachers putting so much effort into my education and wanting me to succeed in life.
I liked how small the school is and the community. You easily got to know your teachers and can ask for help if ever needed. The school falls short with staff such as janitors and bus drivers though.
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It's pretty great! Small schools have it's advantages! Smaller class sizes and more individualized learning. No students are left behind!
Yep, everyone you know will be walking or driving to the gas stations to avoid the mystery meat.
Could be better. Most of the time situations are handled well.
Most the teachers work very hard. They hold after school study sessions for students who are struggling and offer study groups. All teachers off their lunch time or prep hour for students to take, retake and correct homework or quizs.
The school spirit is lacking. Very few students attend the games because, they are all playing in them...
I believe that FEHS could improve many aspects of its school. One: The school lunch is garbage. Literally. We have rotten food. Two: Open more clubs for students.
Students make dumb choices, but often it's a poor choice of friends. The consequences of their actions are seen by all, so most people manage to at least be good people.
Students aren't always respectful of school resources and facilities, but considering how long the school has been around, it's in really good shape. Repairs are made and upgrades are becoming more frequent.
I knew many of the teachers almost on a first name basis. They're knowledgeable, flexible, and enjoy what they do. They take a lot of crap from the kids who misbehave, but they handle it appropriately and allow for a good learning experience.
A small high school gave me plenty of experience of working with adults and of having to take care of myself while using the resources I had available. This allowed for a good opinion of moving on, and smooth transition to college and the real world.
The school is small, and the resources are workable, but not phenomenal. The greatest aspect would be the support of the school and community of the athletics programs. What help can be given, is.
They are a little above average because they do go above and beyond for their students if they need help.
Its cafeteria food. Its nothing special ever. Same type of food almost everyday. Chicken, always chicken. Its terrible.
We don't really have any after school activities other than 4-6 school which is just like detention but you have to work on something to be able to stay there.
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I love my school. The time that I've been here has been great. I've gotten real friends unlike if i went to a bigger school in a bigger town. I love the teachers because they can be your friend but also still be your teacher. I have learn so much from the people in this community and this school that I would of never gotten anywhere else.
The safety of our school, is not terrible, but our staff and supervisors get scared when someone has tobacco or alcohol on school grounds. Yet, they are fine when someone has a gun in their car due to the fact that this is just an all cowboy/cowgirl town.
Our school spirit is off the charts crazy, but the sad thing is, out sports teams suck so we lose every game. Some how everyone still has love for our team. The community still supports us though. Our coaches or mediocre. The sports facilities are just a locker room. A weight room and a gym. That's it.
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