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Farrell Area High School Reviews

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There are a number of clubs and sports options. Most people choose sports. They are committed in that area and they like playing. Most clubs don't really plan or do anything besides add to their membership list.
Ever since attending Farrell, I have taken notice that this school does not really care for its students. Its the same thing every single day. The classes are regularly disrupted by disrespectful students, in which the other students aren't getting a fair education.
Many fitness and sports opportunities for the students.
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Dress code is in place but not very well enforced.
The teachers always challenge the students to do their best.
The teachers are very good. They show that they care and are willing to help.
Due to lack of funding there are limited clubs. But the options that are available are run very well and staffed by caring supervisors.
There are security measures in place. Anti-bullying policy is in place and enforced.
I was completely unprepared for college after I graduated.
Typically, if you have a good relationship with a teacher they'll be pretty nice when they grade your work.
We do not have many clubs available for us to join.
I have made great connections with my teachers and most of them I will remember for forever.
My school is known or its athletics so they have put a lot of money and care into the facilities.
There are always people keeping an eye on students so nothing extreme usually happens. The nurse are sometimes useless because they give tums for everything.
I think the guidance counselors and teachers care bout you. In my opinion the principal just wants to make money she really doesn't care bout the students we need someone that does.
the teachers are wonderful they really want there students to succeed.
I love Farrell I been going to Farrell since 1st grade I love it I know all the teachers there very nice and really care bout the students an they like to get to know you , you cant find that at a lot of schools.
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there could be more clubs
we could have different sports that would be nice other then that many people go to games/sports at Farrell.
the food is okay sometimes the food is cold
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