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Farragut Middle School Reviews

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Farragut Middle has a strong faculty that encouraged and fostered my education, the school also allotted me the tools needed to create strong bonds between family and friends. Farragut did not let anything hold me back and I thrived at making new friends and improving my study and learning habits. The school required students to try all sorts of activities, one that stood out to me was music. Because these teachers believed in me and gave me the knowledge I needed, I am now currently a well-rounded senior in high school and am about to make a jump into college to study music education and clarinet performance. None of this would be possible without the teachers and staff at Farragut Middle school who taught me to never give up my dreams. I can never give enough thanks to everyone who not only works for the school but also those who support it in the surrounding community as well. Thank you so very much.
overall the staff was great
Since it's in the south, it is a bit lacking. However, there are some fantastic teachers who provide knowledge and there are some teachers who blatantly tell students they hate their jobs.
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Since it's in the south, not much diversity.
Lots of clubs and opportunities.
Health and safety policies were adequate. It covered basic and fundamental security and health measures.
Bullying was definitely tolerated at this school. There was no reprimand from bullying whatsoever.
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