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I believe that Farragut High School is a very good school when it comes to academics and sports. We have at least 15 available AP courses, while being able to take Dual Enrollment our senior year. Also, we have pride at our school for being the Farragut Admirals.
Very friendly environment! The teachers I had were all great teachers and assisted me if I ever asked for help.
I enjoyed my time at Farragut High School greatly. Being a college student, I am very thankful for the preparation that Farragut High School values so greatly. At time college is easier because of my time at Farragut HS. They athletics are also great at the school. Only downside is the Arts are often times lower on priority list than athletics.
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Farragut is an excellent preparation for college. 99% of the students are going to college and there are many students willing to help others get there. The school is an AP Capstone diploma school, meaning there are 31 AP classes offered. The teachers are willing to sacrifice for the student and help them get to wherever they want. There are many clubs and student involvement in them creating an active community throughout the school. As of sports, Farragut is usually in the top ten of each sport. There is much involvement with parents helping to raise funds for the school sports or programs. The school is very competitive among Academics making it a perfect environment to learn.
Farragut High School is a great school and has a wide range of classes of all levels. There are many different classes to choose, from the history of rock and roll to astronomy. The lunch is average and I wish it were longer. There are a lot of students enrolled so the hallway tend to get very crowded. The sports teams are competitive and there are great facilities for them. The teaching is very good, but of course there are a few teachers that are not very good. The parking situation is very crowded and there is a lot of traffic getting there in the morning and leaving in the afternoon due to the close proximity to the middle school and intermediate school. Overall the school is great and I have loved my time here, but I can't wait for college.
I love Farragut High School and the community around it. Farragut has so much to offer: from clubs and sports to a great learning facility.
The teachers at Farragut High School are excellent and I had a wonderful experience. The school has a big push for students to take AP classes and to take the AP tests to obtain college credit. Our teachers are always preparing us so we are ready for college.
There are wonderful and caring teachers in almost every classroom of FHS that truly care about there students. The academic opportunities are the best in the county, I believe that they currently have 31 available AP courses students can partake in. The only issue is that there have been certain problems with administration, especially newly introduced rules that have caused tension between them and students. Such as sexist dress code changes, the redirection of the fine arts’ funds (a very poorly funded area already) to sports and academics, and the general mishandling of very stressful situations.
I love the community and how involved the administration tries to be. They are very welcoming and want to make everyone feel that they have a place.
During my time at Farragut High School I was pushed to broaden my education. I took harder classes and enrolled in college courses while still in high school. Being apart of Farragut High School helped ready me for college and prepared me for the road ahead.
I would not trade my time at Farragut for anything. Most of the teachers that I had inspired me to learn and helped me to achieve my goals. They were all so supportive of me and my peers. However, there are some that I felt did not take teaching seriously. I think more teacher evaluation is needed. Also, my time in the fine arts department was instrumental in my development as a young adult. However, they need more funding to be able to continue. In my four years I saw a dramatic change in the programs and opportunities they were able to provide for us.
Farragut High School is a great academic school that pushes students to reach their full potential, in both academics and sports. There is so many high achieving students at this school that it can sometimes put a lot of pressure on students to be perfect. I think this school needs to be more aware of this and start focusing more on students mental health and stress levels. The school also lacks diversity and basic school resources like up to date computers and smart boards for some classrooms. With this being said, I have had a great time at Farragut High School and feel very prepared for collegiate life.
I like the amount of advanced classes offered however they tend to neglect cute and elective classes
It's a good school but lacking in any departments. There are some fantastic teachers there, but many that should have been fired decades ago. Facilities are generally pretty good but lacking in technology.
I had a great experience here! The red wing (english dept) is absolutely fantastic, and that is coming from more of a "science" person. The guidance dept is amazing as well.
It’s fine. There’s a huge push for taking AP and Honors courses, which sometimes can be overwhelming. It’s usually frowned upon to choose anything other than college, and most students are very competitive. Overall it’s a great school academics-wise, but there should be more encouragement for paths other than college.
I learned a lot here. I made good connections in the art community and made a few long-term friends. I focused a lot on trying to master the highly competitive curriculum, and balancing a 5-day work schedule. I enjoyed going to games and school dances, as well as student-organized events such as open mic and improv shows. But at my senior year, a month away from graduation, I wish there hadn't been so many student suicides in one semester that nobody did anything about until the third. I wish the confederate flag flaunting students didn't spit racial slurs at my colored friends, and I wish my friends didn't get groped at parties by "Make America Great Again" yelling guys. But hey, at least we have good honors courses and we ranked 9th in Tennessee.
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The overall experience at Farragut High School is better than I would imagine the average high school life being. The exceptional academics and kind teachers make learning somewhat enjoyable, even in the most dreadful of subjects. However, the community at the school is lacking. Students are not encouraged to become apart of clubs or after school activities, as an emphasis is only put on grades and test scores. However, if needed, the staff is always willing to listen to concerns.
Excellent selection of AP classes. Superb marching and concert bands. Very connected administration.
Farragut High has a wide selection of courses available for students and classes that prepare students for college. These include college prep courses, honors and AP. Teachers are knowledgeable, and there are resources always available if any student needs extra help. There are tons of clubs and sports to join that makes the high school experience even better.
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