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Farragut Career Academy High School Reviews

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This is a very good school, as I spend my time here. Many people said this was not a good school to attend but the teachers are very nice and help you with anything you need. As an International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Student, I would recommend this school.
My experience in Farragut High School as of right now is actually pretty great. I have met new friends that I know will have my back when the times get tough. I have also learned so much from being in this school and I am sure I am now ready for college because of this school.
I Loved this school, it challenged me as if I were in college, which helped me when I entered college, I did not feel like college and high school and college were different due to the hard work they gave us here at Farragut Career Academy.
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I was able to receive a lot of help to improve myself and my decisions from all the way from freshman year I have different perspective towards my future The support from GEAR UP program at school was able to guiding me and helping me for any situation I go through , Not just GEAR Up but also a few teacher I am really fortunate of having a group of people that stood in my side.During four years of High School I have experience and overcome and few things about myself and take a chance to do something and be involved, In JROTC program I was able to learn about how to take leadership and being part of teams which makes me feel confidence about myself. What I would want to change will be the cafeteria and having are privilege to have are electronic devices at all all time without taking advantage of the privilege .
what like about farragut is that the teachers are very helpful.JROTC programme is one the best ever because students like my self who in it get all of leadership skill just be in it from day one and later on over years .allof the saff want you to be successful in what ever you do in school,class and after high school to have a plan befor graduation.That my review of the school to me
It´s not a good school overall. There are enough people that are supporting you for college and telling you all there is about college.
Something I like about Farragut Career Academy is the programs basically how they offer International baccalaureate Diploma program. During Freshman and Sophomore year I took Middle years program for International Baccalaureate then in Junior and Senior year I took Diploma Program For International Baccalaureate. Another thing I like is the after school programs they offer I was in YTC- After School Matters in this program is basically about technology, they teach us about technology we learn how it works and also we learn how to fix technology. In this program we help the school environment for teachers,staff and students to have good technology. Farragut Career Academy also offers college readiness by the organizations Enlance and Gear up.
Overall, my experience with Farragut has been good. I heard many stories of why I shouldn't assist Farragut but it is nothing how people described it. I like how the teachers support us a lot especially when you're a senior. There's actually nothing I would change about Farragut.
I like Farragut because of how friendly and organized the school is. The staff is very connected to the students and it makes everyone feel like the school is like a second home.
I like how the teachers are very helping and interactive, also the type of programs they have to offer us to help us study and learn even more. People always say Farragut is a bad school but its really not the people in it make it look bad but once you see the students who actually want to learn your mindset will change on our school.
Most teachers and students try their best, but the lack of money and resources makes everyone get on edge. In the end you make the best of the situation you are in or else you will simply fail.
I go to Farragut high school what I like about it is that the teachers support you a lot and encourage you to go to college and have a future . Also you have a lot of support in the counseling office . Everyone helps each other but us students have to but effort if we want to be successful in life. Something they need to work on is the food is not always the best but at least we have a meal to eat and not be hungry . Overall Farragut is a good school they have good programs and it helps students because they grow on them and learn something about them that they didn't know . Every students that comes to Farragut can be successful .
Farragut is a overall good school and many people seem to doubt it. It is the people who make our school look bad many of the kids go to school just to waste everyone else's time and it takes away other people learning time. Many of the staff and teachers really care for students and we have so many support from even college people also known as "Gear up" we have so much support at Farragut and so few people don't take advantage of it.
It is about 4 years that I have been in Farragut Career Academy. I am a Senior and I am convinced that I will be going to college. I love how the teachers that I've been having been incredible, throughout the school year. I don't say this because I liked them I say this because they did really well showing me problems to find a better way to solve my and students solution. Not only that I love the mentors of Gear Up, the reason why I like them is because they help us out on college applications, FAFSA, which they help us do it too, and or we can even go to their room to do any assignment we students need help in, which in that case they have tutoring after school. I also like how they take us to visit colleges too, takes on colleges tours! Farragut has a lot of support for the students such as Enlace, After Scool Matters, One Goal, Gear Up etc.
what I love about my school are the opportunities that we get and the school programs that we have. Such as JROTC. I love that program so much it has helped me grow into the person I am today. As well as the teachers that helps us and do their best to give us the education that we need to grow into amazing people because as I learn I discover something different each year about each of the subjects that are given to me.
My experience in Farragut has been good so far. I made new friends that are funny and friendly. Teachers are willing to help me out when I'm confused on the lesson. Teachers respect my opinion as well as the other students. There are activities after school which is a good way to earn money if you are accepted. I was in a technology program for my Junior Year. It was interesting learning things that I didn't know before. now as a Senior I was placed in advanced classes. I am taking two college classes. My Spanish college class I find it easy since it is my native language and understand the things we do very easily. The teacher explains the things we are learning to life choices we need to take or will take in our future. Which is something that I really like about that class. My English college class proves to be more harder for me, but it has though me a lot about how to write a good easy.
My time Farragut was one if the best of my life. this school, stuff help me change me and to become the person whom i am today
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I love the school and I am very proud of what we do. I, myself love the school. I am in the JROTC program which helps me out of my comfort zone. I was always exploring new things about the school and the amazing opportunities, it gives. I am proud to be an admiral.
Honestly, I like the school, everyone tries their best to make us (the students) acomplish something and leave Farragut with something that can be used later on in the future. I thing i would really change is the food, I'm not saying it's good but they should totally change the menu to other things we haven't eaten.
Farragut has a bad reputation but the staff and most students are determined to make that change. It was a good experiance for me because I had the help I needed to go and pursue my college dreams. Anyone who didnt do well in this school can only blame themselves for it.
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