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I would like to see the staff there Change. Have teachers there who are willing to take an extra step in helping students and not having an attitude with students creating unnecessary situations.
The administration was okay but the overall experience was good. I was very involved in school which helped for college.
They have great teachers that are there to support you. But because it is such a small school, there aren't as many opportunities that are available to students as there would be at a bigger school.
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I was able to be veey social, which is someyhing that I did not get to do when I was on online school. The one thing that confuses me is students get taken out of class or suspended for not-so-good reasons. I feel like if a student is punished for an action they made in school, they should have extra school time because taking them out of class or sending them home doesn't do them any good. In my school, a suspension for arguing is more than the days you have to miss to fail. It doesn't make sense.
It was a good experience but their administration could have been better. They were too strict. They showed favoritism to the white kids mostly.
i loved how farmville central was small and helped me achieve my goal to go to college. i loved how the staff knew me as a person and not a number. i loved that i was involved in many clubs and was also on the 2 time state winning varsity cheerleading team..
Farmville Central is overall a good school, it makes you feel like home. Everyone knows everybody and the teachers are friendly and helpful. The academics are good, we just deserve more college and AP classes.
I enjoyed my three years here at this school. I made so life long friends from this school. Also every one of my sisters and brother has attended this school and other family members.
Farmville Central Overall is a good school, It's a small town so everyone knows everyone but if you're like me and don't live in Farmville it'll probably take you awhile to get in to one of the "cliques" One thing I can say is no matter what drama occurs, who doesn't like who or whatever the school spirit will never die! When it comes to the infamous Jaguar Den everyone comes together to support the school. As academics go majority of Farmville's teachers want to see students succeed and gives them many resources to do so also there's many clubs that you can join. If you're looking for a school with lots of spirit and educational opportunities for a small town Farmville is the place to go.
This school had great school spirit but only specifically cared about students who could benefit their academic reputation. The children were mostly bullies and there was constant drama.
What I liked about Farmville Central High School is how every teacher I had from 9th-12th grade showed genuine interest the well being of students. My senior year of high school, I had an online math class and the instructor for the class was at a different school. When I couldn't get a response fast enough from the online instructor, there were a number of math teachers at the school that I could go to and ask for help. Even though some of them had never taught me before, they made sure all my questions were answered thoroughly. One teacher would even drop what she was doing during her planning period to help me to understand a lesson.

The only thing I would change about the school is one of the administration workers. The worker would have an attitude whenever I needed her help with doctors notes and making sure my absences were straightened out.
It is safe and has very good teachers,However I don't like how they focus on things such as uniforms all the time rather than more important things such as new books
Farmville Central High School is a great school. The staff there helps those that wants helps and those that don't want help. They pushes them so they know that they can do whatever they would like to do in life if they focus on their work.
When I first started attending Farmville Central, I didn't like it and would rather go back to my previous high school. Over the course of the months I began to like the school a little better than I first did. I have met many awesome friends and had mostly great teachers. This school provides plenty of resources for students, especially seniors. I feel like some of the classes I have taken will prepare me for college. Some teachers believe in challenging the students. The challenges pushes us to work harder and strive for success. I would say that one of my favorite core classes at this school was Chemistry. Though Chemistry is described as hard, it wasn't so hard for me. I found it rather easy. I have learned a lot in Chemistry and it continues to stay in my brain. I really enjoy going to the basketball games and football games.
The faculty as in the the janitors and the lunch ladies are all sweet and down to earth. The school isn't very diverse there's the main 3 races are Hispanic Black and White. There is a mix but it's not a huge mix all Hispanics hang together blacks together so on and so forth.
There are many clubs that someone can join or even start if they wanted, each club is different and have a mixture of individuals in it.
This school has a lot to offer that is if the student is willing to strive for it. With the different courses applicable it can help you jumpstart a career that you may be interested in.
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We usually have a lot of teachers leave throughout the year, but some of the staff have become like a second parent and will push the students to better. Luckily there are more of these teachers than the ones who aren't willing to help.
lots of teachers can be lazy
Out of my 4 years at Farmville Central i've never heard about our PTA. That speaks volumes.
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