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I have been in the Farmington school district since I was in Kindergarten. This community is very close with each other and because the schools are so small we're all relatively friendly with each other. It is easier for the students to be able to have one-on-one help with teachers because the classes are so small it is easier for a bond to form between teachers and students. The only real downfall of this school system is there is a constant change in the administration and it just seems like no one really knows how to handle certain matters.
Oh god don't ever come here, run far away. Trust me, the administration only cares about football and baseball.
Farmington High School has taught me a lot over the years. The school system needs improvement but pretty much every school can improve somewhere. Farmington has a bad reputation due to the attitudes of students and society.
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When I volunteer at FHS, I see such caring and enthusiastic support from the staff. Students are encouraged to learn about their strengths just as much as they are encouraged to acquire new skills. The size of the student body is perfect for affording the students opportunities to customize their education.
Teachers did the best the could, but should have pushed the students harder to have them excel further in their academics
Most of the teachers are great. Since the school is so small, there is a larger chance that a student can have one on one time with the educator in order to fully grasp what I'd being taught. The teachers are more than willing to help students with any help they may need. The school may have a bad reputation, but in reality the school is overall a pretty nice place.
Farmington High is a very small school with not that many opportunities and very little funding meaning that we cannot do nearly as much as the other schools which is terrible. I however have made the most of everything that we have to offer and love the small town environment and the positivity.
Academics at Farmington do suck. There are classes dropped - classes that are important - just because there aren't ten students in there and there's another level offered. Well guess what, those four kids that want to take honors chemistry, they want to take honors chemistry, not get stuffed into an already full cp class. And we have so little variety, and literally by the time they introduce something new to us its too late because we already have our course load planned out,
Farmington High now only has 300 students. We have always been a school where you can walk down the hall on your way to class and strike up a conversation with almost everybody, because you know everybody! This is the one thing that students and teachers who leave always say they miss most, because we all have this strong bond even though we may not all have that Tiger Pride.
Our extra curriculars get absolutely no funding from the school, they need to find and raise all their own money else where. We hire coaches that suck appart from our volleyball coach, our music teachers change every five years, there's no drama program, half of the afterschool clubs stopped happening because we lost 1/3 of our student body.
Farmington is a town of little to no money, and rather than investing the money given to the schools through our taxes wisely, we decided to invest it all in a new football field, and even pulled money from other programs not even affiliated directly with the school to help cover the cost. However, we have enough to make a scrappy little school where anyone with the right mind-set can do anything. If Henry Wilson was an amazing product of the town of Farmington, why can't one of us students be?
A majority of the teachers at Farmington High are only there for a short period of time immediately after college to adapt to their jobs and gain skills necesarry to move on to a district that pays better. Those who stay for a longer time fully devote themselves to teaching us and develop very deep relationships with as many of us as they can. Other Farmington students may not agree with me but that is because they have not made the most out of Farmington like I have. One of the only negative things I have to say are that some teachers make students (even students such as myself) hate going to class, and that really isn't okay. Also, with the intense amount of teacher turnovers we are severely hurt and shaken when one that we have become so close to leaves to go somewhere else, which I cannot blame them, they have all suffered step-freezes which is not right. Farmington needs to stop cutting so many corners to make the High School experience better for their students, otherwise Middleton students may not be the only ones attending Kingswood High instead.
Kids get out what they put in.
The school takes all the necessary steps to provide adequate student safety.
The extracurricular leaders do what they can with the budgets provided. More excitement could be drummed up to get interest. More accountability for the students while they are in the programs is necessary.
It's a small community which is tight knit. We face struggles with parents that have to struggle to make ends meet and are not necessarily there for support. The teachers do what they can and the administration helps out. Once you get past the small town politics it's a good place to be.
Most teachers go above and beyond with the resources the poor town provides.
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The extracurricular opportunities offered are low-budget and lack engagement, due to its insufficient funds.
If it wasn't for the educators within the confines of the school, my overall experience would be far worse. Their humor, guidance, and dedication to their students is outstanding.
I feel that the majority of educators at my school are very engaging, encouraging, and benevolent. I have never once been made to feel inferior; instead, I have been encouraged to express my ideas and viewpoints.
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