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My experience at Farmington Senior High provided me with a fairly typical high school experience. The district focuses on academics more so than others in the area, yet I would like to see them highlight that even more. Enhancing the college readiness of their students would make it an even better school.
I have enjoyed my years at Farmington with teachers that truely care and many activities to participate in. This recent year I feel the rules have become too strict but that is the only negative I see.
My experience at Farmington High School was definitely one I will never forget. I loved being able to take college classes to help me prepare for when I go away for college, I enjoyed being surrounded in a positive environment and being able to get involved with student activities, sports events, musical programs or clubs that helped our community. For example: Key Club, FCCLA etc.. If I could see anything change at the Farmington High School it would be for the school to not push students too far, yes it is important to push students to be the best that they can be but not to push them to a point where they are taking classes that are too much for them to handle.
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Excellent teachers and opportunities to get ahead! All of the teachers are properly equipped to guide you from high school to college.
Mostly great and helpful teachers, but the it's very rare that the good teachers stay. Great academic programs that help you get further ahead in college courses.
As soon as I registered in Farmington Senior High School, I joined the AFJROTC Program and have been enrolled in the program since then. I strongly encourage everyone who enrolls at our school to get involved in the school and the community.
The school is one of the best in the area for a small town, public school. It prides itself on its ACT average compared to others in the area as well as it's dual credit college courses that allow students to graduate with an associates degree at the same time as they graduate with their diploma.
Farmington Senior High School gave me a very good education and prepared me for college life after I graduate. Most of the teachers care very much about their students, and wish them success in life. Parts facility has been updated during my high school career, but some other parts are lackluster. Overall, Farmington High School is a wonderful school that I would recommend to any incoming student.
Farmington senior high school is filled with many opportunities other schools do not have. Great college class and teachers! The teachers help you the best they can, and everyone is friendly.
It's a pretty great school my classes are fun and I learn stuff in them. I only have a problem with one teacher. They are also very helpful when it comes to helping kids graduate. Also this school is very special needs friendly and I think it's absolutely great.
Great, friendly people and staff. Athletics is great. Needs more diversity. College Readiness needs to be enhanced. Overall, great school.
One thing that I have liked about my high school experience so far is the number of courses that I have been able to take. There are not a ton of choices, but once you hit your junior year there are many courses you can take for college credit. This classes are much harder that general education courses, but I enjoy the challenge. I also like the career exploration courses that my school provides. I am currently working at our school bank as the Chief Financial Officer. It is a great opportunity because I get to learn how a bank works, and it helps prepare me for future jobs that I may have.
My college offers dual-credit courses of which I am currently enrolled in six. This was so helpful in preparing me for the rigor of college courses. The only thing I would like to see change is when someone misses a test just to skip it I do not think it is fair to offer retakes.
I love this site so far! It's easy to use and has many great opportunities! Thank-you so much for offering these amazing opportunities, I am more grateful than you could know.
Farmington senior high school is great for getting there students involved in many different ways. For the active kids, they have many different sports, for the country folks they have FFA, for the military kids they have a AFJROTC program, ETS. One bad thing about Farmington Senior High School is that they focus all on Sports and forget about the other clubs.
The school is very large, so there are a lot of a people, but you get used to it. Many of the teachers are fun and humorous.
Each teacher usually has their own way on how they run their classroom. Most of the teachers I have had are fairly consistent and have good methods of teaching.
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I don't know of any parents who help out with this school or its extra-curriculars.
A lot of the teachers take personal interest in their students, and they attempt to make connections and aid students when they can. There are only a few teachers whose grading policies aren't stable and who don't seem to enjoy their jobs.
The attitudes of the teachers greatly differ. I had some teaches that would completely go out of their way to help students understand the work. At other times I had teachers that seemed inconvenienced when a student didn't quite understand what was being taught.
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