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Farmington Junior High School Reviews

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Farmington is the most technologically advanced school in the Western United States. Members of Farmington's faculty and staff have some of the highest AP pass rates and Honors classes. Farmington high has wonderful academic education as well as an overflowing amount of school pride.
It's a pretty good school! Lots of great teachers who are willing to help me learn and get an A. Mr. King and Mr. Wolf have changed my life. The band program is one of the best in the world. The bathrooms are absolutely disgusting. The counselors are awesome.
I am a ninth grader at Farmington Junior and I have had a very good experience with the school. The teachers there are always encouraging their students to do their best and all the students strive to be better everyday. Farmington has a good learning environment for all students where they are pushed to new limits.
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My time at Farmington Junior High has been great. I moved to Farmington right before seventh grade and was nervous about what my experience would be like. I had great teachers, and was able to make friends in my classes who had similar goals. The school counselors were supportive, and I had a chance to participate in yearbook, honor society, and jazz band. My teachers made it easy to excel in my honors classes. The school is old and somewhat small, but it's a safe and comfortable environment. Most kids take their education pretty seriously. Overall I think it's a great learning environment.
The teachers at Farmington Junior High are great. They care about us and go the extra mile. They are tough but fair. They expect a lot from us but do whatever they can to help us achieve.
My over all experience was really good, I loved the the school mascot was a Husky.
They don't have labs just for science, they use the classroom and it is fully equipt
Most teachers do all they can to help out the students
There are all kinds of kids with different races and ethnic groups.
Sub for Santa was a club that raised a lot of money for the poor and the student officers were very helpful.
The Nurse is there most of the time, but not always there when needed.
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