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The faculty there are really involved in getting students ready for life after high school. However I do feel that they only focus on the more gifted students when they need to focus on every student who needs help.
I enjoy going to school here. We have a very good set of counselors and staff. The campus is beautiful and brand new. We do however prioritize sport, which sometimes can hurt our academics considering all of the coaches are teachers as well.
I really enjoy the school. It has good faculty and students and there is plenty of school spirit. The campus is very nice (brand new) and most everyone is respectful of it. The only thing negative I can say about it is that its science teachers are not the best.
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I enjoyed the faculty and administration. The new school building is beautiful and we are taught to stay safe through fire drills, lock down drills, and our security guards. Through the counselors, I am able to take community college classes to receive a head start for college.
The teachers do all they can to help each student keep pushing to graduation through encouraging words and many opportunities to improve one's skills. The school is under construction and appears to become in better condition than my past few years had. One building was complete my last year, though, and most of my classes were in it and it has become a very fine school. If I could change anything about it, I would probably let the parents have less of a voice because their voice comes from their students who complain about not getting their way from extraordinary teachers.
I go to San Juan College High School, a branch of Farmington High School and the experience here is awesome. They help you decide what college classes you need to take and have been here with me for every step. I'm glad to be going to such a helpful school that wants me to succeed and will help me do it.
Amazing staff and teachers. Always on your side and is very understanding. FHS helps you to your best advantage to get a good education that you deserve. Graduation is key with the school and will go above and beyond to make sure you graduate To move you on to your next step on life, with a variety of classes and programs.
My experience at Farmington High School had been ok. I just wish they had more qualified teachers because my psychology teacher and math teacher do not know how to teach. I think Farmington High School can be an even better school if they try harder and if the students also try harder.
I had a very positive experience at Farmington High School. I never felt that people separated into cliques or excluded others. I enjoyed the social atmosphere very much. The sports' program was also excellent the years I participated in track. I had a good relationship with my teachers and enjoyed all of my classes. My only complaint would be that the math program can be improved so that students can better understand the fundamentals in problem solving.
Farmington High School is a very great school that is dedicated to ensuring success and preparing students for college. Although it is currently under major construction, teachers do the best that they can to maintain the focus on education despite the distractions and obstacles encountered. Overall Farmington High School is an amazing school and has definitely prepared me for my future, while making school an enjoyable experience.
The first thought I had when going to this school was that I was going to become an unique individual. Which is what I have become to this day. What I have experience within this school, we had a lot of team spirit and drive. To see change within this school, I would like the teachers to be able to give these students hope for themselves that they can make it within this world.
The administration supports the organizations decision/fundraising
Most teachers come from different places of the world so they share there experience
If you do your job as a student, you'll be good to go
Yeh is good but no too good, ya know man? But nah, is all fine, cool, whatnot whatever.
Health and safety policies at this school are provided and executed. Bulling is not tolerated if a student has been bullied the teachers and staff will take notice and will try to do what ever is in their hands for the safety of that student and everyone else. Safety at this school is good, security guards are walking around school making sure they don't see anything strange going on. If their is a lockdown all staff and students are told to stay in their classrooms and teachers to lock each door of the school's buildings. When a parent comes to check out a student or to see them they have to sign in and the secretary at the front office makes sure that they are able to take them home or see them. Everyone has to check in the front office before going anywhere around school. The school nurse is available in campus and is able to help when a student gets injured or hurt. I think this school has a good security thanks to the polices and security guards.
Extracurricular opportunities at this school are great. There is various types of clubs we have a Spanish club called Sociedad Latina, French club, Navajo club, Drama club, and etc. Most of the people in this clubs are fully committed to the activities and fun raisers. They try to support their club any way they can so that it becomes better each time. Administrators at this school help with the fun raisers and financial support for clubs. After school activities are widely available their is sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball, track, rotc, baseball, hockey, drivers ed, and many others. The most popular ones are the sports and clubs.
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Teachers at this school are friendly and approachable to you when you need help or simply to have a conversation with you. They are very knowledgeable and use different strategies to teach their students. They think outside the box to make teaching lessons easy to understand and entertaining. Teachers at FHS stay after school most of the time if you need help with homework. They try their best to keep up with grades and to post them as soon as they can.
Security guards are around school
Usual high school opportunities such as sports, student council, music/art opportunities.
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