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The facilities and faculty here at Farmington are outstanding compared to most schools in the area. We are given access to nearly all supplies we need to complete our school work. iPads are given to ever student and there are an abundance of computers. Our gym and weight room areas and outstanding and some of the best in the state. Overall, an excellent education experience. The only major downside is the poor student culture.
Farmington is very involved with technology and uses technology as a tool rather than trying got get rid of it. The teachers at farmington are very helpful and will do what they can to get you to succeed.
Farmington is definitely trying to change education from the same worn out method of learning but not exactly in the right way. iPads are given to each student as a way of trying to integrate technology with learning but they also serve as a distraction. Restrictions on said devices can only do so much before making the huge investment worthless plus there are plenty of students clever enough to bypass any restrictions that may be added.
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Farmington High school is a self learning school, meaning you are given the means to learn and now you must teach yourself. I do believe this a good concept but every teacher allows retakes and helps with answers so that grades are high they get their bonuses. Personally I don’t believe this has helped me get ready for college but the school is praised by surrounding districts.
I love this school so much!!! Teachers and students at this school are so friendly, considerate, and committed to the school. I would never get an education like this at other schools. Thank you for all the experiences at this school
Farmington High School is an incredible place to attend. Overall, my educational experience in Farmington has been very pleasant. The majority of the teachers I have had have been incredible. I feel that my learning experience has been outstanding through the years. Farmington School District was very welcoming to the idea of incorperating technology in our learning. We were one of the first districts to use iPads in our classrooms. Overall they have been a great success in enhancing our learning. Many other school followed in our footsteps and sent representatives to our school to see how the tech worked in the classroom. After this many schools in the area started using this technology like iPads in the classroom. My experience at Farmington High School has been great and i'm glad I was able to attend school here
My experience at Farmington High School has been very positive. Most of my teachers have been encouraging and a big part of my successful high school education. This is why I have decided to major in Education.
With many years growing up Farmington Public Schools I can honestly say it was a great experience. There are many great teachers which all did an amazing job with preparing me for college.
This school bases it's education learning on technology and mainly teaches through this tool. It has is pros and cons but I feel this school relied too much on technology.
I have for the most part enjoyed my time and experience at Farmington High School. There are defiantly some things I would change but for the most part it was okay. The food isn’t the best but I mean you aren’t really at school for food. There are many opportunities to achieve greatness at my school and I feel I have the resources to do so.
My experience at Farmington High school has been great! At this school all students are provided with their own iPad to help expand the learning experience. I feel like this has really helped the school and made learning easier for the students. Also the teachers and staff at this school are very helpful and really care about the students.
Farmington High School did a very good job of preparing students for college if they took the opportunity to do so. The AP and CIS courses provided were paced well and challenging. The school schedule is also set up to mimic a college schedule. There are only 5 classes a day (with longer periods) and a study hall that is similar to office hours.
I moved to this school going into my junior year, it was overwhelming at first due to the size. However, the staff and students were more than inviting. The technology is modern, and they pride themselves on providing kids with the best materials avalible. The teachers are very passionate and inspiring, always willing to help everyone. The ipads can tend to distract students, however, this falls on the shoulders of the students, not the staff, for time management is something everyone must learn for themselves. Farmington Highschool is a safe place, filled with wonderful staff, simple and effective layout of the building, and the newest technology.
I had Great experience there, they are being very innovative and using technology to help students learn
It’s a good school and there are a lot of good classes and extracurriculars. I guess it was average by most standards but I enjoyed my time there.
I didn't really like anything about Farmington High School. There would be a few things that I would like to see change. I would like to see the teachers treat every student with more respect and the same goes with the students with treating the teachers with respect as well. I would also like to see change is the principle be more involved with stopping bullying.
I like how the school promotes independent study and taking responsibility and credibility for your own education while holding expectations. They don't let us "run free" but at the same time they don't have us follow curriculum in a strict manner.
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So far I love it. The teachers are always willing to help you get better and grow. I love taking part of the school activities, especially the sports.
Farmington has a nice, clean facility with much to do. However, it doesn't seem to be a place that the students love. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice place, but it has no real connection to us.
The things that I liked about Farmington high school was the new building and some of the teachers were very good. I would like to see more opportunity to report back on teachers.
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