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My four years at Farmington High School were very positive for me. It was a safe and comfortable learning environment, where I was encouraged to work hard and explore my interests. The faculty are very supporting and helpful. After graduating I felt that Farmington High gave me the tools I needed to be successful in college.
I loved the extracurricular activities, however, I did not like the almost seemingly fade away from the graphic and print arts (as I am majoring in Graphic Design).
FHS is an excellent high school socially and academically. It has its benefits of college Readiness based on connecting specific assignments to classes and tasks that you will tend to receive from any college you attend too. It's a very safe high school with hall monitors around the school and a commendable administration to put the students of Farmington High School on the right track to graduate and to take on their future endeavors post-high school. FHS could work on its diversity, even though the school has shown a lot of improvement in the past year and also making school culture events and activities to make this high school one of the best years of a students life.
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It's an amazing school. The teachers and administrators really care about each student. There are so many clubs and opportunities for every kid.
Like any public facility, it is up to the student to fulfill their desire to do well. FHS provides resources/classes to challenge students to prepare themselves for college through AP Classes/Dual Enrollment, however, it is also common for a student to be average if they do not take advantage of such opportunities.
I like Farmington High School because of the friendly atmosphere, and the overall kindness that everyone exhibits. The teachers prepare the students well for their further endeavors in universities.
I really enjoyed the teachers and staff. They could stand to add a few more clubs, and embrace their not normal students
Staff is really friendly but the school needs to be upgraded and expanded. This school is also one of the most diverse schools I've seen.
Farmington High School was a very welcoming community. The teachers and supervisors were all very friendly, and they encouraged the students to learn things outside of the classroom.
Farmington High school is a very diverse school. Our teacher and consular look out for us and try to help us in any way that they can. They help me find differnt opportunities to find volunteering hours because that is something i like to do in my free time.
I enjoy going to school at Farmington High School. The teachers are excellent and very helpful and kind. All of the administration and other people that work there like the custodial staff and lunch aids are very friendly. It is also a very diverse and cultured atmosphere. I have made many life long friends here and wish this wasn't my last year.
There were a lot of good teachers that were good at their job and did their best to connect with students and prepare them for life after high school. I will say though that some of the administrators were either too strict or not strict enough. There was no middle ground or room for learning from mistakes.
Farmington High School provides as solid educational experience, that caters to all levels of academics. There are a full scale of honors classes for the student that wants to push themselves and excel and support options for those who need help. The school system is fiscally responsible and well run. Parent involvement is strong. The student populations is very diverse so you will encounter students that simply don't care about their education and students that are academically gifted. The school system recently voted through a bond and schools are being renovated and upgraded for improved building structure, amenities and technology.
With so many helpful staff, it feels good to be there. I look at my teachers and counsler as a friend that I can go to when I'm confused or need help with things.
The teachers and counselors here truly want to see students succeed. I found that all of my teachers were very friendly. Had a great selection of teachers in the science department.
Farmington High has a lot of resources when needed. From community service hours to tutoring after school for an hour . I’ve never had a problem getting help at school. The administration here are all nice and always ready to help when needed including the teachers .
I Iike how laid back and relaxed our school is. The teachers are good teachers and the staff is nice. Our free dress code is our best part. If I had to change one thing it would be start times.
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I attended Farmington High School my junior and senior year and I can honestly say I enjoyed my last 2 years. I met long time friends and made great connections with majority of my teachers. The only thing I would have changed about my school is the lack diversity within the school's staff.At my previous high school, they're were so many different backgrounds from both staff and students, so I would've liked to see Farmington have that diversity as well.
I liked the flexibility of most of the teachers. They were all pretty understanding when things came up. I would like to see a larger investment in programs outside of football and the STEM classes. I understand the importance of STEM classes, but classes outside of these teach students to think in a different way and show students things they might be interested in as a career. The best teachers I had while a student there were Mrs. Nowka, Mr. Hermani, Mrs. Johnson, Ms. Young, Mr. Campbell, and Mr. Evasic
Some classes are better than others.
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