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Farmington High School put a large emphasis on high achieving academics and on their music department. I really loved being a part of both the choir and the orchestra, and the school has some amazing and involved teachers. It felt a little austere, as there was such a high amount of pressure put on doing well academically (it almost felt as if there was high grade inflation to achieve this.) As in most high schools, the school accumulates cliques by grade, and the lunch room design didn't really encourage anyone to remedy this. The library was also rather disappointing - there were less books than people.
I enjoy that teachers are consistently available. I hate the lack of school culture... nobody cares.
I love this school! Very positive environment helping everyone succeed in what they are passionate about. The staff helps tremendously!
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The teachers are great but the school itself is quite old and uncomfortable. They seem to be really invested in the students' wellbeing and how they perform on tests, especially APs. The building, however, is a different story. There are bees in the classrooms, leaks in the ceilings, and there is no air conditioning. Can you believe that?
The overall school and experience is pleasant. The academics are excellent as Farmington really pushes their students to exceed in all aspects. However there isn’t much diversity as seems to be the pattern in Connecticut, and the facility itself is falling apart in more than one way. People are nice which is always a good thing, but often times this is lost because of the stressful pressure put on students.
Farmington High School made me feel prepared to attend and succeed in college. The competitive atmosphere was sometimes discouraging, but mostly encouraged me to try me best. The thing I was most displeased about was the culture of cheating. It was not punished well enough, which led to cheating being very widespread, and almost accepted.
Very good academics, too much pressure to excel beyond our capabilities as teenagers... put a lot of pressure into taking hard AP classes that are unlikely going to get you a 5 on the AP exam.
It is a great school, with great academics and teachers. There are plenty of resources for every subject. There is a tutor for all five core classes during all periods and after school. They provide assistance and resources for those who are struggling or looking to do well on a test. The teachers are very helpful as well and teach engaging and fun lessons. The cafeteria provides many options for both breakfast and lunch that are delicious. The sports provide a great environment and a lot of fun. The only place for improvement would be the actual building, but it does not get in the way of the academics.
Farmington High School no doubt has its rightful reputation as a very academically strong school. However, it has come to a point where there is too competitive of an environment. Students are struggling to keep a happy life with school being too much of a worry. What I want to see change at Farmington High School is less of an emphasis on taking all the AP classes and obtaining the highest GPAs, but more of an inclination in students to be happy with what they are learning and love the social aspect of school. This way, students will be more engaged in what they are learning and even be willing to take more risks that will help them in the long run.
Farmington High School drives students to do their best in their academic achievements and encourages students to work hard. They are able to establish a well rounded school community of incivility and acceptance. The sports and academics are both very important to the school community and is something that Farmington High School prides itself on doing well at.
Farmington High School is also a moderately sized campus and it makes it easy to get around in the amount of time that you have to get to your classes.
There is a lot of student involvement at Farmington High School and it establishes a well driven school community.
I am new to Farmington high school and it’s so different from my old school. More kids involved in extracurricular activities and I love it. I’m involved in a lot and I get to meet a lot of kids like me. Lots of activists here and a great place to share opinions!
I like the fact that the school present student with a variety of extracurricular and community service activities
Great music program! I was very prepared to enter college after graduating from FHS. The school offers an amazing number of clubs/activities and sports. Excellent teachers. Very pleased with my overall experience.
There is a lot that I feel like can change about my high school, but the most prominent change is changing from having every class everyday, to having a block schedule. Block schedules allow for longer periods of classes that allow students and teachers alike to utilize their time in the classroom more efficiently, and it prepares students for college as classes are not everyday in college and are for significantly longer periods of time than in my high school. To add on, I feel like your rank in my high school is solely dependent on how you perform in certain classes. It is clear that certain classes in my school have more funding and way better developed compared to other classes. For example, electives have no funding whatsoever whereas classes like math and science ge new technology everyday.
I would like to see the facilities upgraded. We have excellent faculty and very rigorous curriculum that I believe truly prepares young adults for college and careers. FHS needs to incorporate more state of the art technology in order to optimize student experience. Athletic program needs to be improved as well.
I like the school structure and the size. The teachers can be a little too much but they know what they are talking about.
I like how all the counselors are all invovled with the students wether it is choosing classes or helping the seniors pick a good fitting college. Everyone is very welcoming and accepting. They are always there to help new students get around and show that Farmington High is a good school to go too.
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I have spent most of my time in Farmington High School in a pretty mundane fashion. There are clubs. There are classes. There are sports. Its a high school. Get over it.
Throughout my learning experience at FHS I have had amazing teachers who understood my learning style, were very supportive, and motivating. FHS is a very inclusive and safe community and has many different clubs and activities to participate in.
Many teachers do care about the students, but there are some that do not seem to enjoy what they are teaching or their career. Also, students seem to group together and can be judgmental of others.
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