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If your parents live and have always lived IN Farmington (not even one of the other towns like Yates City or Hanna City, but Farmington only,) and if your parents enjoy drinking and going on drinking vacations with other Farmington parents, then you'll be fine at this school. If your father is a washed-up Farmington, has-been sports 'star,' then you'll be fine at this school. If your parents works at the school and will let you take high school math when you're in junior high, when NO other child has ever been given this opportunity, you'll be fine at this school. If you are a current football 'star' and can therefore get away with cheating on a state-required test with ZERO punishment, you'll be fine at this school.
I feel like that there were many good things about Farmington and in some of my classes I graduated very prepared for college but others were lacking. I would rate the teachers and administration higher if the school could get its act together and find teachers that stay at the school and shut down the revolving door of new teachers.
they dont address personal issues and they get resolved
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would not be my choice of school
Most teachers don't care about you learning as long as you can pass a test. most complain about their jobs and other staff. A teacher in particular tries to make class as hard as he can just to prove hes smarter than you. overall worst school i've attended teaching wise.
I am unsure how effective the anti-bullying measures are. People are constantly bullied and as long as there is no physical evidence the bullying will continue.
I was involved in many activities during high school and the coaches and supervisors were very helpful and passionate about what they do.
I would choose this school again because I feel I was prepared for college.
When I was at Farmington Central High School, there were many great teachers. These teachers were people I felt I could go up to and talk to them about anything. There were problems with the consistency with how grades were done but all classes were fair.
They do not seem to care about the students just themselves
We have a lot of options for students to participate in things.
Teachers are good for the most part, it normally depends on the teacher you have.
My schools sports teams have the ability to be great teams. We lack in the coaching aspect. School spirit is something we also lack in. Our facilities are pretty good and usable.
The curriculum does not get the kids ready for college. It needs to be bumped up.
Overall I would have to rate my school with 3-4 dots. There are resources you just have to go look for them. Like asking a parent to help. The older the current teachers get and retire they are replacing them with younger more knowledgeable teachers. The school is in a fairly new building so there cannot be complaints with that. There are far too many rules and it is annoying to hear of the fun things other schools can do as far as homecoming and additional activities. All-in-all I am glad to have gone away to a much larger college and will have better memories from my college years.
I liked almost all of my teachers. We would however lose good teachers who would only stay one year and if we were lucky two. The ones who came and went were my favorites, they were younger and had more knowledge than the older set in their old way teachers. A few did stay at least for my four years and they left quite an impression on the students like me who wanted to learn. I wish they had a way to keep more of the teachers that care.
The administration was known for making a big deal about things like what one kid wears or who attends sporting events rather than the education of the school and they really need to focus on letting the small things (fun things like powder puff football game, which they did away with after my freshman year because one girl had an asthma attack and they were afraid of being sued); let the students have fun events. Seems like they made everything not fun and then no one would participate in the stupid things they did allow.

Even hat day during spirit week became an issue.
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I am still not able to approach people that I don't know for fear they will reject me. I am making new experiences at college to better prepare me for life after college. College is definitely better than high school was.
People judge people and it was very clichy. Everyone kept to their small group of friends even if they were involved in sports. Mostly it was who your parents were. My school had a lot of people who were related. Those kids hangout together all the time and really only let in their own group of friends and relatives. Good luck to anyone new to the area.
I went to a small school who was more about the higher or so called higher powered parents and their children rather than those that attended in general. In comparison to other schools it was a medium sized school and we did okay with sports and the courses offered but nowhere as good as the bigger schools close to us.
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