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This high school provides a small town environment with a solid academic performance. It offers different avenues of studies and electives. The teachers are interested in their students and are not overbearing or difficult to work with. The new building is great. Safety is taken seriously and staff are prepared if needed.
The new facility is great. They built it with the students in mind. For a small school they offer many of the same opportunities larger schools do. The teachers are for the most part good, especially those teaching core curriculum classes. I attended all three years at this high school and would recommend it for those looking for a quality academic experience in a smaller school. Athletic programs tend to be rather subjective in choice of players/participants, and are often determined early on in high school with very little change.
I love Farmington. I really can't see myself anywhere else. Teachers are top notch. We just got a new building and Basketball arena, they are working on a new Football field and Track field. Not many negatives to bring up for the school. They really emphasize safety in the school and in someways, can be related to a small college campus.
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The teachers really want to see their students succeed. The AP classes have high pass rates and the students who pass the exam get money. The district is full of employees who care about the students
When I moved to Farmington 3 years ago I had resented going to school in the beginning. Once I started going, I had met a lot of people and suddenly, going to high school in Farmington did not seem so bad. All of the teachers are very reasonable and my classes aren't bad whatsoever. I enjoy going to a smaller school where everyone knows everyone. Our school doesn't deal with a lot of violence and or drugs like many other schools. They provide a lot of programs whether it be a Bible club, political club, or even the National Honor Society. I would recommend Farmington High School to anyone who is looking for something small.
As a parent in the Farmington school district, I am very proud to tell others where my children attend school. They have had excellent teachers at all levels and they feel support from the administration, who makes themselves available to students at all times. The athletic events are well attended and all programs are competitive, continually winning conference and district championships in several sports. My children have had the opportunity to participate in AP classes as well as dual enrollment in college courses. Our decision to choose Farmington is one we are very happy with. The class sizes and teacher-student ratios are wonderful. We just toured the new high school today and the commitment this school district has made to the students and this community by not asking for a mileage increase while building a state of the art facility is impressive. If you are looking for a new school district, you will be remiss if you do not seriously consider Farmington.
Farmington High School is a high school that not only allows you to go academically above and beyond but provides exceeding amounts of support for its students. It is a school that one can come to and feel safe and welcome. The teachers work hard for the benefits of their students and they wouldn't want it any other way. And that is what makes Farmington High School just a great school.
I love going to Farmington! I moved to Arkansas from Oklahoma in 4th grade and we chose Farmington because my parents heard so many good things about this school. I have made great friends, I love being on the cross country and track team for the high school and I feel like my classes are challenging and are preparing me for college. I hope to return to this area after I graduate from college. Great small town just minutes away from the University of Arkansas!
I like most all my teachers. I do wish there was more diversity in my school, and more focus on the fine arts program.
Farmington High School is a fantastic place to be to learn and establish good relationships to better off your future. Going to school at Farmington School district from K-3 and 7-12 grades I've been highly satisfied with everything in the schools. Great teachers, great students, great atmosphere.
Good small school. With the upcoming new building and brand new performing arts center, it will become even better. There are enough opportunities for any student to get the most out of it and get into the real world, either into the workforce or into college.
There is a fairly wide variety of subjects available for the size of the school. Each year seems to get a little better with what is offered.
There are several sports and extra clubs available to students. For the size of the school, they could do better in offering other sports such as soccer.
We have had a mixture of wonderful and average teachers through the years.
We have had mostly positive experiences with the school.
Several sessions about safety, protection, bullying
Would have excelled in a stronger school.
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Dedicated teachers, good learning style, dedicated
After filling out that previous section of this survey, I realized that our school certainly is not as safe as it could be. A lot of those safety features that other schools have adopted, we simply have not. However, despite the lack of common safety measures, I still feel quite safe in our school. I cannot remember a time where I felt unsafe at school. I know that if the need ever arises, out school faculty will bring the necessary precautions into place. They want all of the students to get the best education possible, while feeling and being as safe as possible.
We have a very wide mix of sports and clubs available. No matter what season, there are always sporting events or games that the students are invited and encouraged to come watch and actively cheer. Each of the clubs has it's own after school activities. For example, FFA has monthly meetings and trips, astronomy club gathers to watch stars or films, FCA does community service, and the list could keep going on and on.
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