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Farmingdale Senior High School Reviews

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Farmingdale was a great school because there were so many opportunities to take advanced classes and gain college credits before graduating. The teachers were kind and compassionate, and a huge help in the college process. Additionally, the school was very lenient toward senior students and gave them some extra freedom that other schools sometimes don't offer.
I liked the school because of the support of the teachers and faculty, and the swim team I was apart of. My school also has a variety of clubs that you can get involved in.
Business Classes - from the amazing teachers, to DECA competition, and job opportunities - I have learned so much and totally enjoyed my years here.
Also, we have great school spirit, clubs, activities and opportunities.
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I think Farmingdale is a very underrated school on Long Island. It has a wide range of courses to fit every student's future to help prepare them for college. They athletics are unbeatable, the teachers are for the most part there to help you, and it's overall a great school.
My experience with Farmingdale Senior High School was very good. Teachers were very helpful with me while I was deciding on College. The guidance counselor made sure that I had everything I needed so I may play sports at a college level
Although this was my third school district that I had attended, I spent all of high school at Farmingdale. This school helped lead me to my major, as well as academically preparing me for college.
The teachers that I had really care about their students. They truly want all of them to succeed. Any time that I was having a problem, I knew that there weer many people that I could talk to. Some of my teachers saw potential in me that I did not. They encouraged me to follow a career path that I think I will truly enjoy. I know that even though I have graduated, many of these mentors will continue to be there for me whenever I need them.
I believe that the school would benefit from adding better art programs and funding, better food, an outside area for students to relax, and more bathrooms.
I would like to see more challenges being brought upon students. As a senior I feel the work we have been given isn't too challenging.
It was an okay experience. It wasn't great, but that's what high school is. Farmingdale is known for football and having a major rivalry with Massapequa. I personally didn't like the school too much but our previous principal was fantastic. Our senior prank was bad and the school tries to be flashy. But academically I feel it has a lot of smart students.
I like the wide variety of electives and clubs offered. I also like the music program as it is one of the best on Long Island and has allowed me to explore my creative side which is becoming more and more insignificant to other school districts. I wish that the school had salad bar with the deli line and more time in between periods.
The resources at my school are endless, from the after school tutoring program referred to as P.O.W.E.R time to their instant messaging app Remind that helps students interact with teachers about assignments and or HW help. I also love that we don't use textbooks, a sort of unconventional method but forward thinking. After all it is 2018, all materials are digital via eBooks, and power point slides. I would like to see the school continue to diversify.
Moving into this school going into 9th grade was alot more welcoming than expected. MOST teachers here are great. Out of the four years going here I only had two "not so great " teachers. I don't mind going to school, because I have so many friends here. It's a great school that holds so much pride it's magical. Farmingdale is a great school and a school to be very jealous of.
The material was fair and the atmosphere most of the time wasn't horrible but there was a lot of wasted time and unnecessary assignments. I got a good grasp on the information mostly because I'm a quick learner but I feel some teachers weren't that good at explaining the subjects to some students who couldn't just look at the information and make connections in their mind.
My high school is a unique place of academic excellence. The faculty and teachers push each and every student to thrive and excel in all subject matters as well as extracurricular activities. The supportive community have often banded together in times of distress in ways that no other town has done. After the tragic passing of five students in Farmingdale, the high school composed a beautiful memorial and offered help in the grieving process to all those who felt it necessary. The Daler community is one of the strongest and most supportive I have ever found.
As a graduating senior from Farmingdale Senior High School, I feel Farmingdale Senior High School is an excellent school and has prepared me for college.
What is great about farmingdale high school is that they give you so many resources to help with your education
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What I love about Farmingdale High School is the academic atmosphere inside and outside the classroom; teachers are always willing to assist students to strive in the classroom and in extracurricular clubs such as VEX Robotics, Mathletes, Science Olympiad, Key Club and so much more. There is an immense sense of Daler pride that is visible in the apparels of individuals and in the individuals themselves. An improvement that I desire to make Farmingdale High School more of a home for future students is increased funding for extracurricular programs since the school day doesn't end for those who strive for more outside the normal school day.
I like how people are willing to help each other and how much of diversity you can find in Farmingdale High School. Also, seeing how the community in general always try to unify and consider each other as a family member. Teachers are very helpful and resources offered are very helpful, students should take advantage of it while its provided.
I love this school and the staff. The teachers are amazing and really do care about the students. The school offers many high school classes and electives giving its students a wide variety of things they may be interested in and my wish to pursue in the future. Although the school in my opinion is amazing it seems to be very focused on sports, all money goes into the sports department and not so much for the fine arts.
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