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For me personally, I feel Farmersville High School was relatively average all around. It is located in a small town which created a close environment between students and teachers. The faculty was very helpful and was always understanding both to students and other faculty members. Parent involvement was pretty average overall but most parents were a big help in supporting school organizations or helping to fund them. The athletic department was decent depending on one’s sport of interest. One thing that could be changed would be an addition of classes offered. At Farmersville High School one is quite limited to certain classes available which can pose a problem when one graduates on to a college and has to take basic courses that could’ve been completed through the dual credit program offered by the school if it were available.
It is a overall good school, and comes with a good atmosphere. I’m going to be a senior and I am prepared for what the future has in store for me. It is however a small school but with that you know everyone and it is a good environment. The teachers are amazing they teach in a way that makes you want to learn and be in gauge in what they are doing.
Farmersville High School is a great school. It is a smaller school so each kid will get plenty of attention from teachers. Nice variety of sports, activities, and clubs. Love being a student here! Teachers are very caring and want to see you succeed.
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Offer more dual credit courses
Hire permanent teachers who have had experience instead of various substitute teachers
My experience at FHS has been a great one. It's a great town and community and I'm glad I was able to attend high school here. The only thing I wished had changed was the school spirit. Not many students have any spirit and it's sad because all of our sports and extra-curricular events are good.
Farmersville High School provides a very good education to students for the most part. There may be a few teachers I feel like may need to improve on their teaching abilities, but for the most part my experience has been decent. I personally think school districts should be more aware on student mental health though. I think the school should look into hiring a counselor and providing support groups, individual therapy, and clubs where students can speak their minds in an environment where they feel safe. I think that would go a long ways to a students success by allowing them to feel like they are in safe and supportive learning environment and can happily attend school.
My overall experience at Farmersville High School was great, I will always remember growing up in the small loving community. The friends that I made down the years will always be friends that I will be able to count on. All the administration and staff we nice and I respected them. My school was very sport and activity based oriented. I'll never forget the bond and support the each and every different activity had towards each other. That is what I will miss the most.
Most of the teachers at my school were very nice and helping. Anytime you came in needing extra help they were ready and willing to help you.
The academics include the core curriculum, and some classes that do teach other things revolving the core subjects, such as forensics, astronomy, and nutrition, but they don't always provide the fundamental education you joined the class for.
We do not have a nurse and typically the coaches are the ones that take care of hurt and sick kids.
There are few options in extracurriculars, and the only one that is well funded and supported is football, leaving out many other kids who do not find joy in sports.
Overall, in Farmersville, the education system is less than adequate, the teachers don't have a genuine care to help students thrive, and the parents don't participate in students success unless it's involving sports.
I have never once felt unsafe in my school.
In my school, they offer a leadership program called RYLA. This is not in every school. This program helps students get ahead in life and in their career. Teaching them about careers and becoming a strong leader. I was lucky to be picked to go to this program. Because of this program I have been able to meet surgeons all over the state to help me prepare me for my future.
I really like this school. Teachers truly care if students fail and succeed, for me this was one of the best qualities a school can have. It is in a positive learning environment. I have a lot of accomplishments which I was able to have due to this school and the facilities in it.
This school provides a very safe and healthy place to learn and excel.
It allows everyone to participate not matter how well their skill level.
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The small town feel everyone is so supportive,
I have grown up in Farmersville and love it. The small town feel is perfect.
UIL academics, Band, Japanese culture club
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