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Farmersville High School Reviews

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The students and everyone else is so nice and caring. Such a great school. Has a great education system. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming.
Farmersville High School is an average school. It's mostly populated with Mexican American kids. The academics is average except with some teachers who demonstrate their passion for the subject they teach. The food served is the same almost everyday except for some events. However, it is an accepting crowd of people. Anyone who is new to the school is welcomed.
I thing that Farmersville Highschool is a decent school but it needs some changes. I would like to see more programs,clubs,and activities that would get students involved. Other than that I enjoy how the campus looks and how nice some teachers are.
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This school is improving as years pass. Since my freshman year I have seen a tremendous adjustment. the staff are becoming more experienced and the student body is becoming more involved as well. Each year they add a new club and its amazing to see how many we have this year.
Farmersville High School is a small school, and I love it! Everyone is so friendly and kind, the culture connects all of us and we all have school spirit. I have grown up with all my graduating class, they are like my family. This campus consists of outstanding students with so much potential to succeed. Being a small school does not stop our students from dreaming big. It has been an amazing four years for me and I know this school will improve in so many aspects to provide future students with the best they can.
I really liked my time at FHS. It's a small, close-knit school that many students don't take advantage of or take serious and that's why it doesn't have as good of a reputation as it should. Most of the faculty is great and willing to help you succeed.
Farmersville is a great school where Aztecs have heart and they make a difference to make the campus great again.
The teachers here are great for the most part however the academics aren't as challenging as they should be.
I really liked the school size beacause of the home feel it has,everyone knows each other and you make friends really fast :)
The teachers in this school are really good and speacially when it comes to helping their students with assingments and lessons they dont understand.The majority of the teachers are in school one hour earlier before school starts and stay three and sometimes even four hours after school in order to help their students
The teachers at my school are mostly hard workers that want the best for me students.some take extra time to teach students and help them out. Other teachers some times can't get a hold of their class and struggle a bit to teach a lesson to students who are paying attention but they try their best.
There is some parents that get involved and there's other parents that don't . Yet the ones that are not involve seem to be the ones that usually say why is there child this instead of that . That we never do any activity or back to school night but in reality we do and it's there lack of participation.
They are by far the best . They engage with students and try to help us out even when it seems impossible they are welling to reach out a helping hand to help you get a better grade. The teachers stay after school to help and there is also tutoring that is provided after school . Also some teachers give out extra credit if you need it .
The safety here in Farmersville high school is safe enough to be attending here there is no violence or and drug use on this campus.
The clubs here in our school are fun and great cause we have a lot of student that participate in these clubs and everyone enjoys these after school program.
i wouldn't choose another school between Farmersville because this school is great to be friendly and we get along with everyone on campus with our teachers and students.
The teachers on our high school campus are very well known to get along , they really do help you if you are struggling with a problem or with homework as well.
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Our school unfortunately does not offer a lot of different types of classes. Although each class is manageable there lacks a certain educational emphasis that oft
The students at my school always try to be accepting no matter the circumstance. You will rarely if any, find someone getting bullied at our school.
The safety policies at the school are excellent, there's always police and drug inspections here and there.
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