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I would really like to change the way the staff handle students. They just let students do whatever they want to each other and do not step in. Bullying is a serious issue that isn't being taken care of, just swept under a rug.
What I enjoy about Faribault Senior High School are the teachers and how they relate to the student, howunderstanding they are, the extracurricular activities we have really bring students and peers closer together, and really, mostly everyone feels included because we’re so involved. Yeah, we may not have the best sports teams or have the smartest students or the best teachers, but our school tries to strive to reach that possibility. We do great now to set an example for new generations to follow and exceed the expectations we and previous generations have set.
Faribault Senior high school is like a family. Teachers take an interest in helping their students. It is a very diverse and cultural school!
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Faribaukt has a lot to offer, all the teachers are very supportive and willing to help out. A lot of activities are offered from football to a dungeons and dragons club. There ara a variety of ways to get involved and the atmosphere is overall very positive. There is definitely room for improvement but Faribault High School is great!
I enjoyed high school but it was filled with all the drama that every high school has. I took many extra curricular classes and enjoyed them all, even when challenging. I had time to play sports and spend time with friends and family. I studied a lot but i didnt struggle with many of my courses.
The counselors and administration claim they are there for help but really don't so a thing but it is a big school full of problematic kids i just wish the staff there would pay more attention to them.
I liked the fact that Admin is very interactive with the students and are on top of situations that are thrown their way so they can handle those situations properly.
I liked that most of the teachers really cared about their students and wanted to see them succeed. they would stay late or come in early to help you if you asked. One thing I would change about the school is how situations are handled. Not everybody is getting the same treatment when it comes to dicipline.
My experience at Faribault Senior High School has been good all the 4 years i have been their. What i would like to see change is the food and more events for students at the school/
Decent High School that's continuing to improve. The faculty are great and they are the only reason worth going. They support you in school and out, even after you're gone. They've started adding more AP/College classes, which is really great.
I honestly enjoyed my time at Faribault senior high school. The teachers are amazing. And the students are well they just want to get out. But they do have an amazing administrative. The lady’s at the office are welcoming and always smiling. Our new vice principal is so nice & makes me feel like I can do anything. Our principal is the best. He joked around with the students and has bright ideas for the school. Our school isn’t perfect but no school is. Our food is terrible. If it wasn’t for the food I would give it a 5 star.
I would like there to more involvement. I'm a PSEO student and the school doesn't seem to really care to inform me about things I miss when I'm at my other classes. I have no one to catch up with on what's going on for seniors. I know nothing and there's no one to talk to about it. I also wish that there was more college readiness. I talk to a lot of people who don't want to go to college because they don't know the steps at all.
I like Faribault Senior High School because of the teachers they are so helpful on homework and help us on a question that we don't understand. I think my school needs to change is their safety because there has been school fights and I'm sick and tired of all the fights that happen. I also want the school to renovate their classrooms and lockers and get more classes that are interesting to the students.
Not much to complain about as far as my options here. Most teachers were great. My only complaint would be the lack of time some teacher would put in outside of class.
I got involved and enjoyed my experiences through clubs and activities. I enjoyed all of my teachers and don't think they get enough praise and recognition. The environment as a whole leaves room for improvement.
It's a good school. Nothing special, but get the job done. The theatre program is very good. If you want to be challenged as a student you can, but doing the bare minimum is very easy.
Overall not a bad school. Teachers are helpful and there is a wide range of activities. But there is always room for improvement.
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Overall, the school was a very good school. Because there were many teachers that I believe cared for the academic well-being of their students. Although the food was an egregious experience. The best part of lunch were the cookies.
Sports are the only extra curricular things I care about.
Many things could be fixed at our school.
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