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Fargo Davies High School Reviews

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Davies is a fun, safe, and welcoming environment. They provide their students with the strongest education available in the region and you are not allowed to fail. Along with their rigorous education they provide students with a wide variety of sports and activities to participate in. It is an awesome school to be a part of.
Great teachers with lots of knowledge. I always felt that I could be challenged not only in the classroom, but also through clubs and sports.
What I like about Davies Highschool is that all of the teachers go out of their way to help any student. Everyone at the school is very kind and no one feels left out. What I wish I could change about the school is the lunch food. There is no variety and every thing tastes the same. The produce and vegetables and not fresh and nothing is homemade.
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Davies is a fantastic school that is incredibly diverse with all sorts of activities. The coaches and advisors are fantastic and there are always events being put on for students. The teachers work to really build relationships with the students and help them succeed. There is such a welcoming culture at Davies and the academics are fantastic as well. There is such a wide variety of classes offered any student can find a class that works with their desired career path.
Everybody is super nice and the teachers are wonderful at their jobs. It's a fun learning atmosphere and you always wake up excited for the day to come when attending Davies.
There are many opportunities to get involved and to meet new people at Davies High School. The class options are also very broad. I enjoy this aspect because it really allows you to personalize your education and high school experience.
Fargo Davies High School is an amazing school. It has a variety challenging and fun classes, awesome teachers, and a great athletic program.
I was a student at Fargo Davies Highschool for all four years. I enjoyed my time there and was active in many clubs and sports. The clubs were fun, but some were very disorganized - depending on the seriousness of the clubs. The sports were fun to participate in but very serious. The overall facilities were in great condition as the school was recently built. There was a major lack of diversity, as you'd probably have one or two students out of twenty-five to thirty be a different ethnicity than white. The academics were pretty good, with a wide variety of options for classes and difficulty of classes.
I had a great experience in high school at Davies! Teachers were always so nice and understanding and they always provided me with the tools I needed to succeed. Food could be better but that is a district issue that may not be solved. There are many opportunities to become involved in the school with all of the clubs and extracurricular activities.
Davies is an amazing school in just about every regard. Lacks a bit of diversity, but that is quickly changing as Fargo grows.
I like how teachers and staff are willing and happy to help students succeed. The students are very kind and respectful to one another. I wish the school could provide better meals in the cafeteria for students and staffs.
I felt that I received a good education. The teachers are amazing and will do anything to help you succeed.
All of the staff were very willing to work within my son's capabilities after he received a major concussion his Junior year, they helped as much as they could and it was very much appreciated.
Davies is a very good school that encourages learning as well as athletics. Davies was honored as the best academic high school in North Dakota this year. We also have many EDC and State championships including the girl's cross-country team three-peat this year. They offer very many clubs and extra-curricular activities that push you to get involved. One of these activities is band. The Davies music program is outstanding. They have been praised not only in the city of Fargo but were recognized by a Jazz institute that visits three high schools nationwide each year. The Thelonious Monk Institute came to Davies, performed, and held a clinic with the music students. The teachers are very kind and will not hesitate to put in extra time to help anyone.
I enjoy going to Davies High School for many reasons. First of all, the staff are very friendly and care a great deal about the students. They are always willing to come in early or stay after school to help. My counselor knows me by my first name and always greets me in the hallways, he is also very easy to talk to when I have a problem. My classes are very challenging but I have done well overall in school. The sporting activities are also fun to go to with my friends.
Experience at this school is good because you learn and you have the oppunity to be involved in school actities.
I love all of the opportunities you have at Davies High School. The teachers are amazing and I really feel like the school and the people made me a better person
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Student body is, for the most part, supportive and engaged with school activities. A lot of clubs and sports to join if you're looking to get involved, and a wide variety of classes with supportive teachers in each type of class. Great social science and natural science teachers.
Fargo Davies High School offers everything I am interested in...class-wise, sports-wise & extracurricular-wise. The teachers are great, some of them go above and beyond what you would think they would. The administrative staff is very supportive. My only sports experience is football and the coaches are amazing! The Forensics Department is good (Student Congress, Debate and Speech) but they could use a little more funding.
I would like to see more groups of people putting themselves out there and making new friends. It is very hard for people to fit in a Davies, but the learning is great and the teachers are very kind.
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