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My kids love this school! They get to dive deep into interesting subjects and work closely with experienced, innovative teachers who also teach other teachers (e.g., at the UN) or write curriculum later adapted elsewhere (e.g., at Liberty Science Center). Their teachers genuinely care about them. Their favorite classes are: math, science, art, drama and wood shop/design engineering.

We also appreciate the school's diversity, inclusion of social/emotional development topics (so helpful in "middle school" years), community service projects, and opportunities for students to learn about & be change makers.

Far Brook can appear to be laid back, but students are challenged to take risks in a supportive environment. Students get to (have to?) try everything (play team sports, perform in school plays, sing in choir, etc.), so they practice being out of their comfort zone, participating and leading in different arenas.
Students learn by exploring the natural world around them, guided by top-notch teachers who know how to both challenge and nurture children. Because it is an intentionally small school, students at every grade level participate in drama, music, science and athletics. They support each other in the lab, on the field and in artistic productions. The small size allows for lots of individual attention from the faculty. The N/K-8 model is important. By 4th-8th grade— often difficult developmental years for a child— the close-knit environment really pays off as the older kids become leaders for the younger ones, and they are allowed to grow up in an academically rigorous, yet supportive, environment.
Far Brook is an amazing school. Superb academics that are preparing my daughter for a successful high school career and beyond along with a focus on the whole kid - music, sports, community, caring and emotional well being - it's really unbelievable. The curriculum from pre-K through 8th grade is intentional - weaving in consistent themes and and works so that the student has the opportunity to revisit material repeatedly at different ages. They get to peel the layers of the onion and understand true perspective. Incredibly special!
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I can not say enough how happy were are at Far Brook. Great program! Far Brook's education program has greatly influenced my child's academic and social progress. I would recommend Far Brook school.
The teachers I had at Far Brook will forever be in my heart. I could always go to ANY teacher for help and guidance and I felt like I knew them all very well because of the tight knit environment. Because every teacher gets to see you grow up, you become very close and attached to all of the teachers. It is a difficult goodbye in eighth grade.
Because of the small amount of students and teachers, students are easily able to connect with all of the teachers and guidance is always available even though there aren't official guidance counselors.
There are a few clubs, but nothing really official. After 5th grade everyone is required to play a sport, girls field hockey and lacrosse, boys soccer and baseball, simply due to the small class size. The coaches try to make it as enjoyable as possible.
I always felt very safe at Far Brook because I knew who everyone was and I knew the campus very well because of it's cozy and small size.
I was admitted as a Pre-K student, so I don't recall exactly what the admission process was like, however I imagine that they are very fair in creating a competitive yet fun environment.
Principal is so friendly. Dress code is practical.
They are very caring but make you get your work done. Very open classroom style.
After 5th grade, you are required to join a sports team. In the fall, all the girls are automatically put on the field hockey team and the boys play soccer. In the spring, the girls play lacrosse and the boys play baseball. The gym is an appropriate size for the amount of students.
It's a small school, but there definitely are choices. Most popular is the Ski Club, but I personally loved GLI
Nurses are so great and caring. Safety services close to none because there is no need for extra protection.
Diversity is definitely growing. Many opportunities for leadership. This school is as close to a One-Size-Fits-All as you can get.
Based on a curriculum to make each student extremely well rounded. Math, language, and english are very strong departments.You do not get grades until 7th grade.
It might not be the most intense school, but I will always carry it in my heart as a home away from home. Life-long friendships are made, and the teachers really care. I want my children to go here.
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Parent involvement is amazing. Far Brook is better than home
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