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We don't have a lot of extra curricular activities. We have athletics, FFA, and Beta. Almost all the kids eligible to play sports do and they play every sport we have. We have football, baseball, track, and basketball. We have outstanding supportive FFA members who show rabbits, cows, pigs, goats and chickens.
The kids in our senior class have all gone from kindergarten to a senior in high school together. There are 14 seniors at our school this year and we are more like brothers and sisters rather than classmates. I would proudly close this school again.
Most of our teachers live in our community. So they are not just teachers they are our friends.
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We do NOT allow bullying in Fannindel. We rarely even see it. The whole school gets cleaned everyday to prevent the spread of flu and viruses.
I dont know much about the athletics in Fannindel High but i know they practice everyday for whatever season they are in. They keep the gym, locker rooms, and restrooms squeaky clean. Sports are very important to Fannindel and is one of the things that keeps us alive and open.
All of the teachers at Fannindel High School are very educated, sturdy, and help any student any time no matter if it is school related or personal. We are like one big family and the teachers are the parents, they help us with any struggles we might have. They raised money for me and my family when we were going through a tough time and struggling to pay the bills.
All extracurricular opportunities at Fannindel High School are great because we will welcome anybody with open arms and teach you the trick of the trade with no discriminating whether you "suck" or not.
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