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A great school with good teacher and lot of help after school. Im rating excellent for me . I had help that made me who im from high school to college. I thanks them for their hard work on keep me in school and learning to the best of knowledge.
-Whole grain pizza is offered every day...not one of my favorites.

-The overall choices are average and sound/taste pretty healthy.

-There IS a salad bar for vegetarians/vegans ( and of course everybody else ), but I suggest that the meat/dairy free options are given more thought for expansion (this mostly falls at the hands of the district though).

-Extra: The cafeteria ladies are brilliant and fun!
-Fannin Ambassadors: A group of chosen students who like to help out and participate in school events. It is sometimes a challenge to keep up with its schedule (probably just me), but it is quite fun and run by brilliant teachers.

-NJHS: Similar to Fannin Ambassadors. Organizes charities and volunteers for school events.

-Tech Club (?): I can't quite remember the name of this club, but you get to build robots!...I think.

-Art Club: It's fun, messy, educational, and fun. It's art. Honestly, it's run by a wonderful teacher.

-Cheerleading: Anyone and everyone can join! Quite exciting and a great way to make friends in different schools and grade levels. Yet another awesome teacher and former cheerleader (I think) is in charge of this group.

-Rachel's Challenge: Help stop bullying! Ask a counselor to join. Highly recommended.
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-Before I begin, when it comes to football, the point is to have fun...since the past two teams haven't won the most games...but, I'm sure they had fun trying! Still, despite the losses, most of the school was supportive either way, and even in the darkest of times, our cheerleaders always wore their purple "Wolves" uniform.

-Basketball season does see a lot more wins (when you join the genders), but nothing beats our Volleyball Girls!

-Track is made up of great individual athletes...who somehow manage not to freeze during practice.

-Football (soccer) is not one of the official school sports, but teams are formed close to the end of the year by the students themselves who get to compete against each other after school in the gym.
-During my attendance at this school, I had the pleasure of being looked after by a wonderful and supportive faculty and staff who seemed to always be present when one needed help and guidance. ( Especially the principal, vice-principals, and counselors. )

-The dress code was what would be considered average, although I do believe it could be strengthened.

-Bullying was a constant topic, and despite the many efforts put into by the school, I'm afraid it is still present, but in any case, it will always be present. The point is not to destroy it (for you can't), but to constantly fight (which is what this school does).
-Although I don't have much to compare it to, the faculty and staff always seemed to place the safety of the school and its students above all. Consistent I.D checks and various other security measures were also taken.

-My visits to the school nurse were minimal, but the service was satisfactory and greatly appreciated.

-During my first year here, a police officer was always present and even had an office in the school building, but his absence since then did have some effects on the school and its students.

However, there is another officer who occasionally observes the grounds after school keeping all the wondering students safe.

-Overall, I found the Health & Safety here more than fair.
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