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Fannin County High School Reviews

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Fannin County High School offered a wide array of classes and pathways. I enjoyed all of my classes there and the comradery between the students and teachers is an unbreakable bond. The teachers and the rest of the staff are what made this experience wonderful.
Fannin County is a great high school and the administrators really care for the students. The schools number one priority is the students.
The best thing about Fannin County High School is their fine arts program. The band, drama department, and chorus is amazing. The sports department is lacking though.
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At Fannin County High School, I learned to pursue my passions. I learned to work hard and help others. The teachers are willing to help at any time a student is not fully confident in their abilities. The counselors and administration are excellent! There is not much bullying in the school system. However, when there is, teachers are able to resolve the issues quickly. The two things I would change about Fannin County High School is dress code and the food that is served.
Fannin County High School has some great programs to enlist your children in and has very many sports to be involved in.
Fannin County High School is a very good high school, and it offers several clubs and sports programs for the students. The facilities are very nice, including a stadium/football field, as well as a preforming arts building for the band, chorus, and drama department.
At Fannin County High School you get a sense of care from all the teachers, and they want to see you succeed. There’s nothing that I can personally think of that needs to be improved.
I have been very pleased with my experience while at Fannin County High School. The administrators and teachers are very friendly and the students encourage each other to excel in their academics and extra-curricular activities. The campus is safe and the environment is very welcoming.
I enjoy Fannin County High school because of the wonderful staff and the work that they have done in my time at the school. They work very hard to ensure a safe environment where students can not only learn the necessary skills for their future, but also have fun in the process. Something that I think needs to improve within the school is the amount of parent involvement.
As a student, I have experienced many good things about our school. There’s always going to be cons but the education has made me better all around and each of the teachers have encouraged me to become better myself.
Fannin County High School cares about the student's and their success. They do all the can to make sure students exceed and are successful in life.
I’ve enjoyed my time at Fannin. It’s apparent that the staff cares about the well being of each and every student. Fannin County High School is one of the few places where you can still find that one on one connection between students and teachers. Although seated in the small town of Blue Ridge, it manages to stay up to date in technology and academic opportunities. All in all, it’s a great school.
Fannin County High School is a great school to be a part of. Student grows so close with other students, teachers, faculties, & adminstrations. My best experience was the homecoming week. All my four years being a student that week our school was like home. I wouldn’t change anything about that high school. I would go back if I could because it was one of the best things in my teenage years.
My experience at Fannin County High school overall has been exceptionally well. I have had teachers that truly cared about my future and how their teaching styles may influence me. I am extremely grateful to have grown up in an area where I can be on a personal level with teachers and receive one on one help very easily if I need it. While I have had teachers that I knew cared about me, I have also had teachers that I didn’t feel comfortable in their classes. I think for a student to reach their full potential in a classroom setting, they should be able to comfortable ask questions without being ridiculed no matter what the question may be. As a student I would want those teachers to know this so that maybe in the future they won’t discourage other students and cause them to not learn to their full potential.
So far my experiance at Fannin County High School has been amazing. Everyone there is friendly and has a family like connection.
Fannin County High School is a very wonderful school. The staff and students both have a great passion for education, and everyone helps out. It is somewhat diverse and everyone is friendly. I actually wouldn't change a thing about Fannin county high.
I personally love Fannin! It is a great school to attend, and has great teachers and pathways. I have been apart of fannin high school for all four years and have participated in various clubs and sports such as cross country, cheer leading, soccer, track and field, FFA, HOSA, National Honors Society, and National Technical Honors Society.
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My two years of experience of attending Fannin County High School has been average. Most things are family oriented. The community is very involved as well. One improvement that FCHS could improve on is acceptance of others.
I love how everyone is one big family, especially when it comes to sports. Our Blue Crew Student Section cheers on all events, and we have more school pride than any others I have seen. The teachers here really want us to succeed, and We can go to them with any issue we might be having. As far as changes go, I'd like to see us have a higher graduation rate- lessen the number of kids who drop out or go to night school instead. I feel it's important for all of us to earn a diploma, so the school should do more to keep them from dropping out.
My experience at Fannin County High was a very good one. It is easy to fit in with any crowd you pick. The worst part about the school is the food and it is slowly getting better.
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