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I loved the teacher(s) involvement in our success. It felt great knowing that they were there to support me. One thing that I would change would have to be how they prepare their students for college. Giving their students tougher course expectations.
Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School is what I would call The Bronx's hidden treasure. It is a community school, housed with individuals that truly care about their students, their families and community. From the janitor to security, the teachers, staff and the Principal... I have never encountered a greater bunch. You walk into the school and immediately feel the warmth coming from all directions. Greeted always with a smile and warm embrace. Everyone knows every child, and they make it a point to get to know their parents and meet our concerns. They focus greatly on finding out their students interests and match them and their interests with programs and internship to prepare them for life after high school. Programs and internships in education and journalism, business, politics and more. My son has learned and grown so much in the years he has attended Fannie Lou Hamer.
I enjoy the atmosphere and how small the school is. Everyone knows everyone and we can speak to the teachers on a first name basis and it doesn't create a sort of barrier. It's welcoming, however the curriculum is a problem. It feels like i'm being repeatedly taught the same things over and over.
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I loved how the teachers are so welcoming and helpful. They care about your future. I like all the great opportunity that they give you in the school. Its like Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High school is like a big family.
Very open and diverse school, caring teachers. Great academics. School Activities are extremely helpful and open possible opportunity doors towards the future. The school safety is pretty good can't complain. College readiness classes are very on point.
This school is the best fit for a parent who wants to see their son/daughter succeed. The safety is a 100%. The learning is 100%. Students events are youth lead. Parents voices are heard in the school
The sports team in this school is amazing. We won the ‘PSAL’ B Division Championship of 2016-2017. The teachers are all amazing. The safety in the school is well controlled. The school itself is a safe environment. Student government makes sure every event in the school is great.
This school is amazing because it offers variety of opportunities for students. They make sure you’re apart of real world learning activities. The school itself is one big community - we have a great student government body. Excellent sports team! The staffs are all respectful and the students feel safe at all times.
This school differs from others being as it may be a portfolio school and the teachers are really good. The environment is clean and we feel safe each and every day in attendance.
I enjoyed my experience at Fannie Lou even though that the school is not the same as an average High School. The experience is different from any other school just by attending this High School. The education is different from many school, the way things are being ran in the schools, rules and regulations as well.
I loved the support. Most of the staff was there to push you and give a listening ear whenever you needed it. The one thing I would want to see changed is teachers (very few) who were more concerned with receiving an actual room to teach in than making sure their students understood what they were trying to teach.
It was a great school from the start. The teachers were all very understanding. It was the Trump era and so they sympathized with the kids of color and respected us
They always check if there is something suspicious in order to protect the school and students
Besides sports , u rarely see students participate after school activities.
As far as I know, parents in my high school are nice to teachers
The teachers are respectful and they always help get past certain stuff
The people in the school are different from my other school so i doubt I would do that school over again.
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The teachers in my school are the best and they really will help anybody out as long as you willing to put the work in.
Most teacher are genuinely nice and care about student's success in the future and are mostly always inside their classrooms whenever the student needs tutoring or assistance on something they're having trouble with. Their consistency is somewhat good and bad but are overall are outgoing teachers and also advisers as well.
Aside from Basketball, Baseball, Wrestling, Anime, Student Government, there are clubs for every one to participate in. The Children's Aid Society helps to set students up with wonderful internships. There are specialized classes on Saturdays to help parents with ESL and ELL concerns, a Health and Human Sexuality class designed to help parent discuss sex education with their teenaged children. This particular class was bi-lingual and had about 25 parents every Saturday from October until May. We even had a graduation ceremony at Hunter College.
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