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Fannett-Metal Senior High School Reviews

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The teachers were amazing. They made learning fun for everyone and they were interested in helping you find a college. The admissions though I felt did not help with finding a college at all.
The sports were great along with the clubs you could be in, there was such a selection and variety of activities to do and no one ever felt left out. The scores may have not always been great but the coaches and players always did there best and the school is more like a family. The parents get involved and when ever senior trips came around the classes were so small that you felt like you were going on vacation with your family instead of a class. This school might not prepare you academically but that is not to blame on the teachers. Its those few students that did not want to try that slowed everyone down. Those teachers are the backbone of the school and the community.
At Fannett-Metal Senior High School they truly care about your education, its just that they care more about the things that don't matter in education, like dress code or tattoos and piercings.
Fannett-Metal is a very small school. The good thing about this is that everybody is close and you know every person in your class and most other classes. That could also be a down side to the school too. Even though there are limited people to play sports, we do very well going against the bigger schools. The office staff is very friendly and will help you in any way they can. The teachers try their best to make sure the kids are getting a good education.
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You get to know your classmates very well and before you know it you and your best friends are graduating with the knowledge you have learned from teachers and other students.
Some of the things that was beneficial for me as a student at FM was the teachers and how they taught their classes and tried to relate the lessons to our community and with what we did on a daily basis. Some things that could be changed would be the administration and organization communication with students and their parents.
I enjoy my school, because I love where I live. I wish they valued our education more. The main focus at FM is athletics.
Very small district, people are incredibly petty, there is no respect, and rules are laxly enforced
Janitors either need more help or need to care more about their job. School needs seperate staff for behavioral counseling and guidance counseling. Need bigger gym but no funding to support it.
I am out of school now for almost 1 year. I still interact with some teachers and many of my former classmates. I get together regularly with a couple of my closest friends from high school. I am in college and feel this high school did a fairly food job preparing me for college. If chose over again, I would attend the same high school.
Drama club lots of fun but pull off a decent performance in the end. Athletics gets best time slots for practices after school over other types of clubs.
School nurse argued with my Mom about me one time. My Mom has been a hospital RN for over twenty years. Bullying not tolerated. School in small community, relatively safe, could enforce slightly stricter safety policies.
Too much over processed foods. Not allowed to get two servings of a vegatable if you want it. Are they really going to run out of green beens?
teachers still care even after staying at same school for years. Small school so help is readily available for struggling students. My favorite class was Ag Science.
I just started college a couple weeks ago. I felt confident applying for college. I feel equipped to succeed at college. My guidance counselor helped with questions that I had but is kept very busy handling discipline issues and is not as available as she should be to help students plan their futures.
School spirit supported and fostered by students, staff, administrators, and community. Gym dated and smaller than gyms at newer schools. All students encouraged to be active. Students given the oppurtunity over lunchtime to get outside and move around. Games have great turnout at home with many community and family members travelling to away games to support the teams.
School administrators know most student families. Principle and head teachers know every child by name. Teachers and principle frequently seen interacting with the students formally and informally. Dress code very reasonable but could be enforced a little more strictly especially at afterschool events.
Racial discrimmination was accepted and taught at this school in the distant past but has zero tolerance at this time. Peer pressure usually in a positive direction is prevalent. Multigenerational attendees foster a friendlier environment than some schools but exclusions still happen.
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Food is a little on the cheap side, but it feeds us. I think the snacks need changed big time, because they serve stuff like reduced fat and small packaging.
Not much to offer, and what is there is practically empty and no one is interested. Our best club would be the Robotics team because they enter the Bot Ball tournaments every year and we have been placed in the top three for years.
Technology is good, parents are school board members, and our facilities are average.
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